A Mom to Boys…Wait, WHAT?!!

Fun ways to announce baby gender

While it still sits fresh in mind, I can’t believe two little boys are about to enter our family.

To be 100% honest, the anxiety has definitely set in. We are past the halfway point and reality is, I’m on high alert right now. On Monday, the doctor told me while the cervix is thick and long, he is able to start getting a finger in during checks. Great. I’m only 22-23 weeks pregnant. These babies need more time to bake, I need more time to prepare.

My health is definitely making itself known. The headaches are back, back pain, sciatica, it’s all here. The newest? My skin right now feels like it is crawling. Please tell me there’s something to help this.

As of now, I sit in a modified/scheduled bed rest. I’m still up and moving but not as much as I need to be to get stuff done.

I have been looking for avenues of additional support, including researching some doulas. One word…OUCH. When I saw the price, it definitely became a deterrent but I still tried to e-mail a few. Well, three of them were unavailable for various reasons. If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is…While it sounded like the perfect support avenue I need, there’s too many barriers to prevent. It honestly makes me want to learn more about doulas in a way to help moms who might find themselves in my shoes.

The hormones have hit with all of this. I’ll figure it out but it’s also been annoying to make phone calls for support resources and have no phone calls returned. It makes me wonder about parents that aren’t resourceful as myself that might be trying to reach out to find a support system but give up when it gets tough and people don’t respond.

Sooo….I wish I could bring a chipper update to pregnancy but, I’m frustrated. I’m sore. I just want that extra shoulder to come sit and talk and keep me educated.

Thank god for some sanity online…

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  1. Big, big, big hugs. I know my singleton pregnancies were hard … can’t imagine doing it with TWO babies and dealing with health issues on top of that.

    I wish I had advice on the doula situation — I wanted to use a doula but was deterred by the cost as well.

    CONGRATS on the boys. 🙂 They are a completely different animal than girls, but I have loved the experience of having boys after my girl.

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