Keeping Track of Kids Health Information

With Winter here, we all know cold and flu season is in full force. With my own chronic illness and two children with regular medical appointments, it can feel a bit chaotic trying to keep track of everyone’s medical needs and balancing our day to day family routines.

In recent months, we have had changes in medications, specialist appointments, and re-scheduled appointments to keep me on my toes…and that’s just on the medical side of our normal busy routine.

With Nathan and Lucas being monitored by specialists for potential surgeries, it can be a bit overwhelming. There’s no denying, getting into some of those specifics can be hard to remember when you’re processing information. So I can recall the must-have information to pass on to Nick and our other providers, having a kids health tracker app is a great help to have notes with what was discussed at the appointment and that I can look back on anything I want to remember.

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When you are known to be a researcher, it’s awesome to have notes I can look back at and educate myself. Even when things are chaotic, I know that I need to be proactive advocating for my children. Sometimes, parents find themselves afraid to ask questions. Don’t be. It will help you understand what’s going on and even, find alternatives that might work better for you and your family. While I might have practice when it comes down to it, I’m human. There’s been important things I have spaced off and rushed to make sure they’re right. We all have to remember physicals, vaccines, lab and radiology testing, it’s ALOT.

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Lucas playing in waiting room before appointment with eye surgeon.

Our medical providers have all primarily gone to electronic records and we can log-in for additional info I need to look up and recall upcoming appointments. When a kid falls sick before an appointment, I also keep track in my planner I take everywhere. This is especially important when dealing with Nathan’s ENT issues so we can track how long he has been sick if there’s fluid pressure showing in his ears.

So while I can give you tips to avoid getting sick during cold and flu season, staying on top of all the other medical information for your family is something we might not think about regularly but is just as important!

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  1. My family is huge consisting of many brothers and sisters some older and younger than me. The tips you gave about the app definitely help with keeping track of all our doctor visits and health. Thanks!

  2. A friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer last year and was talking to me about how much losing her notepad messed her up because she also keeps notes of when she has appointments and what medical advising she needs to follow! Finding this post was awesome, I am definitely sharing the app to her!

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