Girls Night In with Bridesmaids

Girls Night In with Bridesmaids 1

A few weeks ago, I had the fun opportunity to kick back with some girl friends and have a fun movie night with the recent release of Bridesmaids.

Now, alot of my friends and I have been overwhelmed recently so being able to sit back and hang out and just enjoy a nice night laughing was what we needed. With Bridesmaids listed as The Best Comedy of The Year by Tom Long of Detroit News, and a cast filled with some of the biggest names in comedy, we knew we were ready for some fun.

Girls Night In with Bridesmaids 2
A Little Pink and Black to match the "wedding theme"

Girls Night In with Bridesmaids 3

Now I have to say, what kind of party would we have without some great food? Since we were kicking back and didn’t want to be “formal” in our doings, we had fudge brownies (what girl doesn’t love chocolate), banana bread for that “healthier” option, pizza, breadsticks, popcorn, and of course, some champagne for those that could enjoy it (oh the joys of being a pregnant bridesmaid. BAH!)

Girls Night In with Bridesmaids 4

Girls Night In with Bridesmaids 5
Mmmmm chocolate....

Since I wanted my girls attending to have a fun time, everyone got sent home with their own nail polish, face wash, moisturizer, and makeup brushes to pamper themselves every day.

Girls Night In with Bridesmaids 6We had a blast laughing at the antics of the Bridesmaids (and of course we had a few “gee who does that remind you of” moments). This was definitely a perfect movie for that girls’ night in to enjoy a fun time with friends! Too often I think we forget to sit back and have that time 😉

All opinions are that of my own. I received a party pack to help accommodate and host a party.  


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