4 Essential Bathroom Design Tips Every Homeowner Needs to Remember


Everyone deserves to have an enjoyable bathroom experience regardless of whether it’s during the day or at night. This is a place where you can lay your troubles of the day and enjoy a relaxing or rejuvenating shower. To achieve this, you’ll need to have an exclusive bathroom design that meets all your dreams and expectations – or even more. Fortunately, we have created a list of four essential design tips that will help you achieve the results you need for your bathroom. Please read on.


  • Cabinets


If convenience, eye-appeal, and maximum storage are what you’re interested in, custom cabinetry can be your answer. You can consider having tall cabinets on the sides of your sink area to provide eye-level storage for some of your bathroom necessities. There are cabinets specially designed with extra-deep drawers to offer out-of-site storage which you can use to store tall bottles. And if you’re tired of ugly appliance cords, you can look for cabinets with electric plugs installed inside to hide the cords. Adding cabinet doors or mirrored walls will help provide sufficient lighting by reflecting both the natural and artificial light. You can follow this link https://www.uniquevanities.com/vessel-sink-bathroom-vanity-cabinet.html for more information.


  • Bathroom Sinks


When designing your elegant bathroom, you might need about two sinks. These sinks can be placed next to each other, especially if you have a cabinet with a long countertop set. This can be an excellent way to stop rubbing elbows with your partner. Another design involves having the sink in front of a window to benefit from the natural light. You may also decide to have two elegant pedestal sinks with either contemporary or traditional designs. If you have a free-standing chest or cabinet, you can install a hand-painted or drop-in sink in them. This will bring a look of having two separate furniture pieces. In your design, you can use different materials like shiny metals, gold-leafed glass, hand-blown glass, or marble.    


  • Tiles


Tiles exist in different types, styles and shapes and selecting one fit for your bathroom can be confusing. Metal, stone, ceramic, or glass tiles can be the best choices for durability and a variety of looks. You’ll need to choose embossed or painted styles that suit your interests probably when trying to create a border around a specific area to bring a distinction. You can also create colour and texture by scattering embossed or hand-painted tiles on a bathroom wall or floor at intervals. Proper furnishing will be essential in this case.   


  • Lighting


Lighting is yet another essential interior design consideration to make as a homeowner. A good bathroom lighting design should not contain only an overhead light hanging at the centre but should be more directed at work areas. Connecting a wall dimmer to any lighting can help you achieve a soft light for a soaking bath. You can decide to have a sparkling chandelier for overhead, beautiful wall sconces for mirror sides, or have a table lamp on the counter. This is something that you can achieve as a DIY enthusiast, especially when you know what you need. You may also choose to bring a lighting designer over to help you ensure you do everything right the first time.   


An elegant bathroom design will not only add value to your house but will also make your lifestyle experience one of a kind. For a bathroom décor, sophistication and softness are vital. Custom cabinets, sparkling light fixtures, beautiful tiles, and pedestal sinks are some of the essential tips you can consider for your bathroom design to have an amazing bathroom experience. All the best!

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