This is My Life, not Yours.

This is My Life, not Yours. 1

Social media can be a trying thing. I have seen some crazy things over the years and I’ve had to deal with some ridiculous things. It’s easy for people to hide behind their keyboard.

I take pride in creating content to help others. People will always have opinions. But remember, I am sharing my life with you in hopes to connect and help others. It does not mean you get to attack or harass. I’ve struggled to blog because there have been other social media attacks going on.

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As an individual that has been in a “social media spotlight”, I have seen some crazy things happen over the years. When your life is on display, sometimes you find yourself wondering when is the right time to share news or the what can I safely share. There will always be backlash or individuals who think they can pick apart your every move. They hide behind a keyboard with confidence they wouldn’t have otherwise. Over the past few months, you might have started noticing a new face that has become a familiar face… 2018 was a hard year but it was also a year of learning and growth…while I felt myself losing people I thought were always a part of my life… I learned to stop worrying about those who didn’t keep their word or make an effort. Nick has been by best friend through thick and thin, and pushed me to keep going when I couldn’t push myself…every thing happens for a reason and I can not express how much he means to my kiddos and me. You will be seeing him more as we are in the process of combining our households and setting out on this journey together! ????????? #family #relationships #socialmedia #love #bestfriends #twinning #1111awakening #teamtogether #newchapterbegins . . . . . #growth #positivevibes #change #beautiful #smile #newbeginnings #goals #happy

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Remember there are real people behind the picture you are criticizing or attacking. I’m human just like you. Those I love are human.

I forced myself to post this knowing that there are a few individuals out there that would rather hurt than leave people alone…but I decided my life and what makes me happy matters…so remember, this is my life…not yours. You don’t have to agree. Move on and never look back.

We will keep moving forward and not give it another look. I am lucky enough that my best friend, Nick, is also the person that has shown the same love someone else once showed me. My children are happy. I hope to continue sharing more of our family outings and antics.

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