Timely Tips for Armpit Sweat

Timely Tips for Armpit Sweat 1

Armpit sweating is a usual body reaction to excessive heat and anxiety. It is a way the body cools itself down. Even though it is a normal body response, excessive armpit sweating can ruin your day if it is left unmanaged.

How can armpit sweat ruin your day?

Armpit sweat releases foul odor, and it may stain or wet your clothes. The smell and stain can subject you to unnecessary anxiety and embarrassment, more so when you are in a social gathering.

Moreover, a sweaty armpit can make you petrified of people’s reactions to your condition. The might cause you to withdraw from your friends, family members, and or work colleagues.

What causes excessive armpit sweating?

Excessive armpit sweat can be a result of anxiety, elevated body temperatures, diet, underlying medical conditions, and vigorous body activity. Moreover, excessive underarm sweating may result from consuming certain spices, pregnancy-related hormonal imbalance, and hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis triggers profuse sweating without an apparent cause.

Proven Ways to Manage Sweaty Armpits

Have you been struggling with the embarrassment resulting from their armpit sweat? If yes, we have proposed practical ways that would eliminate your body odor, sweat stains, as well as excessive underarm sweating.

1. Wear breathable clothes

Your clothes can either increase or eliminate sweating. For instance, clothes made from nylon, polyester, and other synthetic fabrics are non-breathable. They raise your body temperature, thereby leading to profuse sweating.

On the other hand, clothes made from natural fabrics like cotton and wool are breathable and they absorb your body moisture. These characteristics make the clothes a perfect choice for people suffering from excessive underarm sweating.

2. Check on your diet

Do you sweat after taking certain meals? If yes, it is time to check on your food. Reliable health reports indicate that consuming caffeinated drinks, alcohol, and eating spicy meals that contain excess garlic, pepper, and onions can induce excessive sweating.

In fact, the consumption of onions and garlic can lead to odorous sweat. For that reason, if you want to beat excessive armpit sweating and body order, we propose that you avoid these spices and caffeinated drinks.

3. Up your hygienic standards

According to health experts, strong body odor results from the action of bacteria on your body. Therefore, showering regularly would be the ultimate way to combat sweat-related body odor. A shower would wash away the bacteria.

Poor hygiene is common among tweens and teens transitioning to adulthood. If you are a parent, it is time you spare some time and educate your kids on the benefits of good body hygiene.

4. Drink plenty of water

Drinking enough water is another excellent way to combat armpit and general body sweating. Water regulates your body’s temperatures, thereby reducing sweat production. How much water should you take? Nutritionists propose that you drink more than eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. You can take more water during those hot days.

5. Shop around for a good antiperspirant

Antiperspirants block your underarm sweat glands from releasing sweat onto your skin’s surface. Just like deodorants, antiperspirants come in the form of sprays, roll-ons, and rub-on sticks to let you purchase a type that suits your application needs. They are readily available, and some are scented to mask foul body odor.

6. See your doctor

Sometimes excessive sweating may be a result of axillary hyperhidrosis, a medical condition that triggers profuse sweating. Furthermore, excessive sweating may be a symptom of underlying medical conditions like tuberculosis, thyroid problems, and cardiovascular diseases.

Seeing a doctor should be the last option if you find it hard to manage your underarm sweating using appropriate clothing, diet change, use of antiperspirants, as well as practicing good hygiene standards. Your doctor will diagnose and prescribe proper medications to treat any underlying condition.

Excessive armpit sweat can be a source of embarrassment. It can result in foul body odor, as well as stain your shirts. However, you can manage the condition by wearing breathable clothes, improving your hygiene standards, avoiding caffeinated drinks, or taking plenty of water. If the issue is persistent, see your doctor. A doctor will conduct a medical examination to establish and manage the cause.

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