Maintaining Friendships Through Illness

Maintaining Friendships Through Illness 1

Friendships are perhaps the most important relationships in your life. Your spouse might be your best friend, and you can undoubtedly have friendships with other relatives, but it’s those friends that are just friends, without any other connection that will always be there for you. Through relationship breakdowns, upset and anger, these friendships will be there. They will get you through the tough times and laugh with you when things are good.

But it can be hard to maintain these friendships when one of you is going through an illness. Whether you are receiving Private Care or in and out of a hospital, you need the help of your friends. Obviously, your best friends will always be your best friends. If you can’t go out and see them because you are ill, and you end up not seeing them for a while, you will still be friends at the end of it. But, when you are seriously ill, you need more. You need to maintain these relationships throughout, not just expect them to be there when you are better. You need to laugh. You need support. Above all else, you need love and friendship.Maintaining Friendships Through Illness 2



Your friends make everything seem better. Sharing with them takes a huge weight off your shoulders. It won’t make your illness go away, but it can make it seem less. However, many of us avoid sharing because we are embarrassed, or because we don’t want to burden others with our worries and problems.

Don’t worry about this. Your friends want to know it all. They are the people that will listen to any gory details without judgment or shock. They are the only people that you can feel free to share everything with, so make the most of it. You’ll feel better, and your friendship will be boosted.

Do What You Can

What you are able to do, will depend on your illness and how it affects you. But you should do what you can. Some days, you’ll want nothing more to stay in bed, and if you are tired and unwell, you should. But, don’t automatically say no to all social engagements just because you feel as though you should.

Big nights out on the town might be out of the question, but nights in with a takeaway, trips to the cinema and intimate dinner parties could do you good. Trust your body, but try to do what you can. At the same time though, don’t be afraid to cancel plans if you don’t feel well, people will understand.

Cut Negativity

Keeping up with friendships is great. But, when you are tired and unwell, you might not feel like seeing large groups of people or making arrangements with all of your friends. You especially might not have the energy for those that bring negativity into your life. In fact, it’s best if you avoid these people altogether. If you’ve only got the energy to go out or have fun occasionally, don’t waste it on people that make you feel bad. Spend it with those that make you laugh instead.

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