Ultimate Bundles Festival Coming Jan 22nd!

Ultimate Bundles Festival Coming Jan 22nd! 1

Last year I took a chance and ordered my very first Ultimate Bundle. I loved it and now have a variety of resources from the Genius Bloggers’ Toolkit and can’t wait for the Ultimate Bundles Festival to grab more from last year!

Because I love and use Ultimate Bundles in my own life, I’m ecstatic (okay, maybe just really excited) to tell you that some of my very favorite bundles are back for just 24 hours each.

Ultimate Bundles Festival Coming Jan 22nd! 2


With this Ultimate Bundles Festival (or UBFest, for short), each day you’ll have a chance to buy one amazing bundle that’s at least 93% off retail value, but ONLY until midnight each day will you be able to snag that day’s bundle.

At midnight it switches over to the next one, so you’ve got to move fast!

If you have kids, fitness goals, healthy living resolutions, clutter to conquer, or a desire to ward off the winter sickies, stick with me this week. You’ll be glad you did :).

If you have your eye on more than two bundles in the Ultimate Bundle Festival, I have something that’s going to make you want to parrrty!

Ultimate Bundles are already gigantic digital packages at an insane discount.


You could buy each bundle separately this time OR you could pay $67 and get ALL five.

Yup. For $67, you can:

  • Gain a huge library to teach you to create recipes with wholesome ingredients, make your own non-toxic cleaners, and finally get your hormones under control
  • Learn how to control your own temper, raise grateful kids, and keep your toddler busy
  • Discover home remedies you can use to ward off sickness and revamp your medicine cabinet
  • Access 50 expert fitness trainings to lose stubborn fat, have the energy you need to play with your kids, and keep you injury-free
  • Corral your paper clutter, whip your digital photos into shape, and create systems that will keep your entire household organized

So get on your dancing shoes and two-step your way to the All-Access Pass in the UBFest.


This deal expires at midnight on Friday night. Don’t miss it!


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