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Crest Gum and Enamel Repair Savings at Walmart!

Thank you to Crest for this partnership. All opinions are 100% my own and based on personal experience.

Did you know that 50% of U.S. adults have gum disease? It’s very easy to miss the gum line, leaving our teeth exposed to plaque that erodes away our enamel.

Thanks to Crest and their newly launched Crest Gum and Enamel Repair, boosting repair of weakened enamel while fighting the hidden bacteria along the gum line. My family’s teeth and dental care are very important to me as I was born with some damage to my teeth and weakened enamel. With the Crest Gum and Enamel Repair Active Repair Technology that is clinically proven to reverse gingivitis, I can rest assured that I’m doing the best for my teeth and my family’s.

When I’m shopping for our family, I’ve always loved bargain shopping and looking for ways to save money while stocking up. One of the awesome ways I’ve been saving money is shopping with the IBotta. When I saw the Crest Gum & Renewal Repair IBotta coupon for $2.00 back at Walmart, I had to jump on grabbing it and giving the toothpaste a try.

With a high-value iBotta rebate, it was definitely worth the drive to grab a few favorites and stock up. My little brother had wanted to try it as well so it was for sure a win-win.

Crest Gum and Enamel Repair is now available in Intensive Clean and Advanced Whitening at Walmart stores nationwide.

Walmart is the perfect spot for grabbing all your shopping needs and now you can take advantage of the iBotta coupon to give Crest Gum & Enamel Repair a try. You’ll be happy you did and your mouth will thank you!

Have you tried Crest Gum and Enamel Repair?

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