You Know You’re A Sister When….

You know you’re a sister when….

that person online is there to meet you before you’re even online.

you both are in labor and calling and texting each other from hours away (in our case a country away!)

My online sister is Cheryl of Lipz Unzipped. We met online when both pregnant with our 2 year olds. We experienced a pregnancy together after that and both ended up at the hospital for our second child together (of course, Jillian was early but she just wanted to hang out with Aubrey, right?) And yet, when she was having issues of her own with Jillian being premature, she still was there to call me as my little Aubrey was forced to make a trip of her own to the NICU.

Cheryl has been an online friend just the same as a friend down the street but only better. That’s why I know I blog with the sisterhood.

Check out this contest from Type A Mom and The Sisterhood.

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  1. Woah. Why did I not see this post before?! Seriously gave me goose bumps and tear up. Love you, hon. Keep up the good work. xoxo

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