Wordless Wednesday:Friday the 13th Ink #ww #linky

Wordless Wednesday:Friday the 13th Ink #ww #linky 1

I had to take up the chance for a Friday the 13th tattoo and I decided to go with my foot. Now I’ve seen friends get tattooed on the foot and man, did it look painful. This definitely hurt but as many said, it was probably nothing compared to giving birth to twins. I think they were right as it didn’t hurt nearly as bad as I anticipated 😉


Wordless Wednesday:Friday the 13th Ink #ww #linky 2

Wordless Wednesday:Friday the 13th Ink #ww #linky 3Wordless Wednesday:Friday the 13th Ink #ww #linky 4Wordless Wednesday:Friday the 13th Ink #ww #linky 5

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  1. I just had my first done less than two weeks ago.
    I heard the foot hurts a lot, did it?

  2. I have four tattoos that I got in my late teens/early 20s…and I want another one! I love yours, and the location is very cool!! Congrats on your Friday the 13th tat 🙂

  3. Nice!! I have a tattoo on my foot, and they DO hurt, but like you said – not compared to childbirth!
    I like your butterfly!

  4. I really like it!!! I too scared to get a tattoo but love seeing other peoples!

  5. Ive considered a tattoo but I’m afraid of the ingredients. I’m worried they wouldn’t be good for me.

  6. That is really pretty. I never thought of getting one on my foot, but I think ub would hurt terribly. My son says the less fat, the more pain. I guess I should get one on my belly. HaHa
    My hubby really doesn’t like them, but if I really pushed him that I wanted one, he wouldn’t mind.
    I’d like to get a Mickey Mouse one and a celtic chain around my ankle (but I think that would really hurt).
    Congrats on your Friday the 13th tatt.

  7. I completely spaced on WW this week. oops! Love your new tat! I cannot wait to get one…you’ve got me thinking about what I should get eventually.

    Hmmm…I still think you’re brave for getting a foot tat though!

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