Catching up on the Past with One Tree Hill

Catching up on the Past with One Tree Hill 1

In Season 9 of One Tree Hill, many of our favorite characters experienced reminders of their past. From Clay’s loss of his wife and discovering he was a father, Dan attempting to re-connect with his family, or Brooke facing her attacker and the murder of Quinton Fields,  they all found themselves facing situations from their past.

Sometimes we all experience something in our life that reminds of us our past. The part of making mistakes or overcoming an issue is how you grow. As some know, I am a former foster care child. While I have seen many individuals find themselves arrested or throwing their life away, I have found ways to overcome and become a stronger person. I might not have the “dream” life but I am making life work. As I work to finish my college degree, right now I’m learning to just enjoy each and every day with my children and be happy for what I have.

You too can see the struggles our friends of One Tree Hill experienced in Season 9 and own it on DVD as well as Ultraviolet!

I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote One Tree Hill Season Nine on DVD.

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