Wordless Wednesday-Yummy Yummy

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    1. Staci it was way fun and getting to talk to a bunch of them was great! Except we had a nasty storm roll through and a bunch got delayed in airports so when John Cena got there he didn’t have the time to greet any fans, he literally had to get out of his car and run! Next time though 😉 And I still got about four feet from him so hey 😛

  1. LOL. You make my laugh. I have a crush on Alton Brown and you have a crush on wrestlers. :o)

    Happy WW from Sara @ The Mostly Wordless Wednesday H.Q.!

  2. Oh holy hell! That is some John Cena posted just for me right!? ……..

    Opps…sorry I lost consciousness! Pass me the smelling sauce…I mean some Cena! Ahhh…SO HOT!!!

    1. Stef- Imagine standing there and him “smirk” right at you in your vicinity 😛 I about died….Good thing Steven was way behind me at that point

  3. Seriously I would have been taking all kinds of clothes off! lol No just kiddin…I wouldn’t want to scare him! 😉 I would have died! MAN…he is H O T !!!I’m so jealous that he looked in your vicinity! lol

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