Wordless Wednesday-Temper Temper

There’s a Kelsie under that blanket. See the pink socks sticking out?

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  1. The socks give her away! At least she’s hiding and not, like, throwing things, right?

  2. Oh how cute, of course I have one of those little bodies full of a raging temper running around too lol.

  3. My daughter does that when we come to get her in the morning. She always says “Me hidin”. So cute! Love the little feet sticking out!

  4. I probably would have something like, “She even left her pink socks on the couch by her blanket. Now I’ll have to throw those smelly socks in the washer, but first I’m gonna see if socks are tickelish or not when no one is wearing them.”
    Then I would have waited to see if she moved or giggled.

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