Wordless Wednesday-Stop Hiding Behind The Camera.

Wordless Wednesday-Stop Hiding Behind The Camera. 1



Lately, I’ve hid behind the camera. I used to ALWAYS let my picture be taken. Since all my fibro. meds and that hullabaloo-I hid. Why? Because my weight has gone up no matter what I do. I’ve gained weight from what I know believe is a muscle relaxer. Well, I stopped it. It really didn’t do it’s job and since I quit it over the weekend, I’ve already lost two pounds. Yeah. I am taking back my camera and being able to stand in front of the camera and not behind.

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  1. I always hide behind cameras too! I just went off some meds that I believe have stalled my wl…so frustrating.

    Stopping by to say hi from Momdot!

  2. I’m another “behind the camera” mama — good for YOU coming to the front. You’re gorgeous – wish my eyes were that big!

  3. yay for not hiding behind the camera – and great pics btw! i am terrible that way – my kids r going to have like 10 photos of me. maybe this year will the year of more mommy photos!

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