Wordless Wednesday: Bounce House Fun!

Wordless Wednesday: Bounce House Fun! 1

Over the weekend, we celebrated Aubrey’s 4th Birthday. She had originally asked for a rainbow/bright color party so throughout the week, I came up with various things.

Tanya was awesome enough to bring the bounce house and everyone had a blast! Who knew you could set something like this up so fast?

Wordless Wednesday: Bounce House Fun! 2Wordless Wednesday: Bounce House Fun! 3Wordless Wednesday: Bounce House Fun! 4



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  1. Bounce houses are the BEST for parties! Everyone has a great time. Kids get worn out, and parents can relax and chat. Yay!

  2. My kids LOVE bounce houses. I have to admit, it looks fun. I’ve been tempted to sneak and give it a try myself, but I don’t think that would turn out so well lol.

  3. we have a small bounce house in our basement. I think the boys just like seeing it blow up and then go down, and up and down, etc.

  4. Happy Birthday to your little girl! My 4 year old still won’t go in a bounce house without hold mom or dad’s hand… Guess we will never have a bounce house birthday. Oh well.

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