What Makes A Gift Truly Valuable?

What Makes A Gift Truly Valuable? 1

It’s an anniversary, a BFF’s birthday, or some other really big occasion for someone you really love. You don’t want to get them something simple like a new appliance, a pair of socks, or a gift card. You want a gift that has real meaning, that has true value to them. But what, exactly, makes for true value? Here, we’re going to look at a couple ways you can ensure your gift has it.What Makes A Gift Truly Valuable? 2

The giving

Make no mistake, sometimes the actual ceremony or ritual of it all can matter just as much as the gift itself. You might have excellent present but if you just plop it in their lap, it loses something of the ceremony. Anticipation can actually matter a lot more than a surprise, as Mountz Jewelers shows. For instance, alongside the gift, you can give them a handwritten letter telling them why you’re grateful you know them. It creates an amazing emotional buildup and even a simple gift that is somewhat related to them is liable to have a much deeper emotional impact after.

What Makes A Gift Truly Valuable? 3


The collectability or rare and unique items adds a value all its own. People are proud to display collectibles for a reason. If your loved one has a passion or hobby, finding the right collectible can be a really huge deal. It shows you value what they value, even if you don’t entirely get it. For travelers, coins from places like Lucius Precious Metals can make for a perfect reminder of where they have been. For lovers of certain cultures, vintage items from that country can work just as well. Find the collectibles that really speak to what they love.What Makes A Gift Truly Valuable? 4


Sometimes, a gift that just takes a little more effort to procure can be exactly what they want. Tracking down collectibles is one way to show that effort. Another is to give them a gift that literally no-one else is going to have. Whether this means personalizing an item specifically for them or creating your own handmade gift, the effort speaks more to the relationship rather than to the value of the gift itself. Though it’s always better to get something that reflects their interests, the time and thought you put into creating something just for them has its own emotional worth.

What Makes A Gift Truly Valuable? 5


Thoughtfulness is one of the most important things in a gift. As Teleflora shows, one of the ways to show that thoughtfulness is to simply spend the time thinking about a gift for them. Not something that entertains you or shares your interests. A level of self-sacrifice, delving into their interests, and trying to understand them is what truly makes any gift-giving experience valuable.

It’s worth taking the time to think about what you really know about the person you’re getting a gift for. Sit down and brainstorm a map of their interests, passions, goals, and aspirations. Think about what really makes them tick and it can make it much easier to find the right gift for them.

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