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Mexican Madness: A Summer Fiesta

Mexico is a hub of life, colour and diversity. It has some of the most amazing beaches in the world, a huge pull of tourism and some yummy foods too. The summer time is the ideal time to visit this part of the world, because for them it is the value season. From May to October you will be able to enjoy slashes prices and sunny weather for you and your family to enjoy.


One of the main things which Mexico is known for is the many festivals it holds throughout the year to celebrate different things. If you stay at the Courtyard Queretaro in Mexico during the summer time you will be able to travel around and see some amazing celebrations taking place. For example in Oaxaca the Guelaguetza Festival is celebrated every single year in the height of summer and is a way of showing that everyone can come together as a whole and share their lives for a while. Every festival includes lots of dancing, parades, colour and plenty of food. It is an experience which everyone should do in their lifetime.

Fascinating wildlife

During the summer, Mexico is treated to an influx of species from all over the world who migrate for the warmer climate. You will be able to enjoy whale shark spotting by the coast in Cancun, and even swim with these harmless creatures in the water. It will be a memory to cherish and a reason for you to invest in a GoPro! You will also be able to see a Miriam of bird species passing through, as well as turtles nesting and the babies hatching in the late summer. If you are lucky you will be able to volunteer to release some of the baby turtles into the sea before they are hunted by gulls.

Hotel deals

As we mentioned earlier, the beauty of the summer time in Mexico is that it is the low season for them. Instead of you having to pay through the nose for a getaway to Spain or Greece, why not take advantage of the lower cost and head off to this magical country which has so much to offer? There are always amazing package deals available for this time of the year and if you can hang on until the last minute to book, you might even find that you get an even cheaper price.

Beaches, beaches, beaches

As with all hot countries like this, one of the biggest features which draws people in are the beaches that grace the coastline. Mexico has no shortage of stunning beaches in its shores and you can enjoy lying in the sun for the day, taking a swim in the sea and even surfing the waves in places like Cancun. If you stay for the whole day you will also be able to experience none of the most stunning sunsets you have ever seen. There are no buildings in the way, clouds in the sky and there are a rainbow of colours for you to enjoy.

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