What Keeps Someone In An Abusive Relationship

1. Fear is one of the overwhelming reasons. Fear of safety, not being believed, or being alone.

2. Belief that they, not the abuser, are crazy.

3. Feels the children need the other parent.

4. Ashamed to admit that their marriage/relationship is not working.

5. They were battered as a child, or witnessed violence between their parents; therefore, they have a higher tolerance for abuse. To them, this environment may seem normal.

6. Feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, frustration, and embarrassment.

7. No financial resources of their own.

8. They may suffer from low self-esteem and is unaware of their abilities, afraid that they can’t provide for themselves and/or their children.

9. Afraid of being alone and lonely. Their partner may be their only form of support and companionship if they are isolated.

10. They are physically ill, emotionally and physically exhausted.

11. Their partner may exert pressure by threatening to fight back legally if they take any action against them.

12. They may feel guilty even though they don’t know why.

13. They may have little or no support system-family or friends.

14. They believe they can change their abuser’s behavior.

15. Abusers may also be warm and caring at times; increasing traumatic bonding.

16. They may not trust that others will believe or help them.

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  1. Been there. Done that. I think I have that t-shirt. I am here for you girlie!

  2. Same as Tanya – been there done that, no fun for anyone involved. It’s a sad situation for all involved!


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