V2 Name Your Flavor Giveaway

V2 Name Your Flavor Giveaway 1

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I’ve been surrounded by smokers my entire life. Even I smoked to be “cool” before I had kids. It’s a habit that unfortunately, has taken the lives of my biological father and his sister far too soon because of a genetic disorder we all carry. After seeing what happened to them, it turned me away from actual cigarettes. While I know some people can’t just give it up like that, I’ve really tried educating myself about electronic cigarettes, reading ecigarette reviews and even bought some for several family members in my hopes of protecting their health so I don’t find myself losing anymore people I love.

There’s been alot of attention to the new vapor style electronic cigarettes that you could say is a trend. To me, I think it’s awesome as I’ve seen many of my friends turning to these instead of smoking tobacco cigarettes. I have no problem being around people who are vaping. When I’m around actual cigarette smoke? I end up in a migraine flare. I’ve even found myself going to websites just to look at the vapor juices and some of the wild flavors that have been created.

V2 Cigs are the leading brand of electronic cigarettes and I can easily see why (You can read this V2 Cigs review to make your own decision) and for those of you that have made the switch to electronic cigarettes or you are thinking about it, V2 Cigs has an amazing giveaway right now that you can’t pass up. I even plan to enter to help get the ball rolling in helping my mom find a healthier option to her smoking. I want her to be around to see my children graduate high school and more!


V2 Cigs is hosting a Facebook giveaway called V2 Name Your Flavor Giveaway. Entering is easy, think of a vape flavor that you would love to have and participants will then vote to nominate the best flavor. The person with the winning flavor will win 100 cartridges of their flavor! That alone will start you on the path of saving money. Maybe you can mix a Chocolate Milk Shake with a Vanilla Cupcake? Get creative!

So with New Years coming up and everyone working to decide on a New Years Resolution, switch to electronic cigarettes to make yourself and those around you happier and proud! If your interested in V2, check out a V2 Cigs Promo Code. Do your research and you are sure to find a great way to save money and extend your life.



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