Save Your Summer Memories with @BurnVideo

Save Your Summer Memories with @BurnVideo 1

Recording special moments in one’s life has become easier than ever before. With the advances made in the world of smart phones, everyone has the ability to capture a beautiful video clip with the help of their cellular device. Why struggle with a camcorder or related options, when you can easily pop out an iPhone within seconds? Whether it is a birthday party, time spent at a local carnival, or at the swimming pool, a smart phone is going to be your number one option for recording purposes. What if it was possible to turn these memorable video clips into lifelong possessions? You can save phone memories forever with the help of a high-quality app designed to turn your clips into customized discs.

Creating Those Summer Memories

With the fun-filled summer months come the opportunities to create and capture summertime memories. It can be something as simple as a birthday party under sunny skies or perhaps a trip to the local carnival with the kids.

For some, the beautiful weather outside can mean it’s time to go and travel the world. No matter where you are headed, it is essential to capture these moments on your phone to relive again and again.

Immediate Processing

To upload phone videos onto an app, all it takes is a few taps of the smart phone. This is as easy as it gets. The processing is handled by the app and its algorithm to ensure it is as expected after being turned into a separate HD DVD. Burn Video allows you to upload your precious videos and pictures and ships you an HD DVD within just a few days, says Sharla Dunbar, founder of Burn Video.

Simply save phone videos onto the app and move forward with ease of mind.


With those cell phone videos ready to be processed, you will want a customized solution fitted with appropriate labels. This is what you receive with the help of a specialized app designed for this purpose.

A customized solution is the difference between amateur and proficient work when aiming to copy phone videos in meticulous fashion. When the copying is not done in desired fashion, the results are always going to be choppy and unwanted. Why take this sort of risk when you can go with the best app in the world for this requirement instead?


Who wants to sit around trying to burn video clips? It is difficult at the best of times and one mistake will ruin the clip and render it useless. This is a risk no one should be taking in this day and age when a proven app is ready to provide required assistance in a matter of moments.

User Friendly

Who wants to spend hours upon hours struggling trying to copy phone videos onto other devices? It is a struggle no one wishes to deal with and no one should have to. With the help of a high quality, professional smart phone app, you are able to process all of these clips within a moment’s notice and have them handled by specialists. The interface is user-friendly and you are able to race through the process in a matter of seconds.

Phone video clips should be handled professionally and effective immediately when aiming to capture those precious memories. Why take the risk of losing these memories forever? Have them processed immediately and as effectively as desired. Phone videos DVD enthusiasts are craving have to be handled with care and optimized for resolution purposes by a trained eye. This is what you get with the help of a proven app on your smart phone designed for this very purpose.

Why trust the likes of Groovebook or Shutterfly who are unable to process videos, when you can go with a specialized app? It is a simple choice to make at the end of the day. Those summertime memories are going to be etched in your mind for a long time to come, why not have them alongside for the rest of your life in the form of an HD DVD? Have cell phone videos delivered straight to your mail box in no time after putting the clips in for processing with the help of a professional app. It does not get easier than this!



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  1. I look forward to saving memories of our family reunion we are having this summer.

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