Total Gym Total Mom Challenge Update-End of October

Total Gym Total Mom Challenge Update-End of October 1

As the end of October draws near, another week down has happened on the Total Gym. Unfortunately, I’ve only been able to get in one workout which stinks considering the whole purpose of the Total Gym Challenge. I have worked out twice with my new Physical Therapist and when I told her I have a Total Gym, she was pumped to hear about it!

On Monday, I had my Trigger Point injection appointment. I was sore but know that I am to move as much as possible. My Pain Medicine Specialist also told me that having the Total Gymwas great and to use it as much as possible but that I needed to be careful with my shoulders and neck. I’m known to overdo things (who would have thought?) so I would need to be slower with my neck and shoulders but lower body, he said I am good to go. By both physical therapy and the pain medicine specialist knowing, I have a feeling things will be better in having support to get where I am going with goals, I might just have to fully accept I can’t do it as fast as a person without fibromyalgia/health issues.

My weight loss is still staying equal around the 151 lb. mark so I am doing something right to not have the weight coming back on. I plan to work with the help of my physicians and PT to get me in the right track and back to a healthy weight.

Total Gym Total Mom Challenge Update-End of October 2

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