The Problem With Red Hair

is it fades soo drastically. My hair has seen pretty much every color possible. I did go to beauty school so it changed once a week. The problem is RED does not like to stay in a person’s hair very well and once you do get it to stay it’s impossible to get out. Well, my pretty hair you’ve seen on Twitter and in previous posts has faded. I’ve got pink and blonde highlights on top lol. So off to Sally’s I go to mix up some color. I can’t decide if I should keep it bright or do another shade of red.

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  1. I won’t even attempt to give you fashion advice….but I think that your hair is cool…in the pictures that I’ve seen.

  2. I love color in the hair but I won’t keep up with it that often so it always tends to look brown LOL

  3. I love the color Auburn. Problem is tha I wouldn’t have the money to keep it up.

  4. Two words: LOVE IT! And, yes, going red is a pain. I’ve been there. First day: “Woo-hoo!” First shampoo: “Where’d it go?” It went pink. Which isn’t bad, but I’m a nurse and I have to have “natural color” in my hair. Red is natural. Apples are red. Tomatoes are red. According to the hospital, red in the ER better be blood. So, had to strip it. Which, I’m sure you know, does WONDERS for the hair.

  5. Isn’t great that we get to choose our hair color (even if it doesn’t always turn out or stay exactly the way we envisioned it).

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