The Past Few Weeks

The Past Few Weeks 1

I have dealt with a migraine episode since about a week before Christmas. It sucks. I’ve had to go into Urgent Care to get a shot of The Past Few Weeks 2Torodal and still fought the pain that quickly goes back to full force.I can’t believe it when I say that I was “sassed” for not taking Vicodin prescribed for my back. Um sorry but it makes my headache WORSE than better right now. The pressure becomes more intense.

I’ve had to take some of my anti-nausea med which I also discovered is no longer covered by insurance but luckily still a generic med. (still not cheap when only prescribed ten at a time). I’m supposed to see my doctor on the 4th to follow up from the first time I went in. Only problem is this headache is kicking my butt. It is once again the dull throbbing pain that is constant behind the eyes. I am supposed to go for a massage at TSPA tomorrow. I just pray that it helps get rid of this and not make it worse. My concentration is out the window when I’m dealing with this crap.

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