Stay-At-Home Survival Tips For Busy Moms

Stay-At-Home Survival Tips For Busy Moms 1

Stay-At-Home Survival Tips For Busy Moms 2

You thought you survived the summer and everything would go back to normal, but you didn’t factor in the fall break. Yep, schools around the country (depending on where you live) tend to take a week or two sometime around September and October. What this means for moms is that it’s back to battle stations. The kids are at home and need watching while you’re running a super-busy lifestyle. Does parenting ever get easier?

The answer is no it doesn’t; it just throws up more obstacles along the way. Being a working mother with kids is challenging to say the least. After all, no one wants to drop everything career-wise because it’s fulfilling. Plus, looking after number one is an excellent parenting tip. So, what are you supposed to do? What are the options?

The key is to make sure they have a routine which keeps them occupied. And, the more creative it is, the better. Don’t worry if you’re struggling for inspiration because you’ve come to the right place. Carry on reading to find out about the survival tips for crazy-busy moms.

Let Them Sleep

Waking children up early is a rite of passage. It’s one of the first things you read in the parenting handbook, right below how to get pregnant! There is a method to the madness: you don’t want them to get lazy and be unproductive. Once they are up and awake, there is a greater chance of them going out to play or watch a movie or whatever their hobbies are.

The problem when they are awake is that you are in charge. They’ll come to you for everything and you won’t get anything done while they’re tugging on your sweater. While they are asleep, you can use the time to steadily tick tasks off the to-do list and get ahead for the day. Even if that means leaving them in bed until 10:30 am, at least the rest of the day will be yours to spend how you want.

Anyway, it’s called a break from school for a reason. Sure, their lives aren’t hard but they do work hard during the semester so they deserve a lie-in. Just make sure their sleeping patterns are in sync for when they go back to school.

Give Them Chores

Giving kids chores feels like it is straight out of the film Matilda or fairytale Cinderella. Some moms hate the idea because they think children should enjoy being young while they have the chance. Once they are grown-up, there is no time to sit and watch TV with a bowl of cereal thanks to all of the responsibilities. However, the logic is two-fold.

Stay-At-Home Survival Tips For Busy Moms 3

Firstly, chores teach kids the value of hard work. Washing the dishes shows them that they have a job to do and they can’t have free time until it is completed. In later life, this should give them a strong work ethic. Secondly, it gives them a purpose for an hour or two. During this time, you can focus on your job.

Remember that some jobs are dangerous so they need the child-friendly versions. For example, there is nothing risky about cleaning their room. Well, there is probably a smell hazard but that’s their problem! The detergent detailed here is au naturel which means they can do the laundry without harming their skin. And, if all else fails, sweeping the leaves off the drive should be pretty safe.

Get Out

Being cooped up in the house all day isn’t going to inspire creativity. Both you and the kids will be happy sitting staring at a screen while the time flies. Granted, sometimes it’s an acceptable parenting technique because TV is educational and entertaining. But, your children will do it all day for the rest of the week if you let them, and that’s unhealthy.

So, make them change out of their PJs into proper clothes and get in the car. Or, you can choose to walk for more exercise. Head down to the park and let them run around and burn energy with their brothers and sisters and other kids. Playing is an excellent way for them to socialize and to learn how to interact with others. Plus, with a laptop and smartphone, you can crack on with the important tasks of the day. Make sure to wrap up warm because it can get cold in autumn.

Going out for lunch is another cool trick as the restaurant should have wifi. Try and avoid McDonald’s and fast-food joints and give them a healthier alternative.

Plan Ahead

Entrepreneurs set themselves targets for the day. There are tasks they want to get through and meetings they want to attend and a whole host of things on the to-do list. In short, you have a plan for your workday of how to best maximize results. Moms hate treating their kids the same because they’re not part of the business, but this method can help.

By planning, you can figure out A) how to keep them occupied and B) when to do work. Take this scenario. You let them sleep in during the morning while you churn out content for the blog. Then, you have breakfast as a family and spend quality time together. Before lunch, you head down to the park where you can take phone calls for one hour. Next, it’s time for lunch and checking emails as they eat. Finally, it’s back to the house to chill.

Winging it isn’t creative; it’s stifling.

Stay-At-Home Survival Tips For Busy Moms 4


You’re going to have to rinse and repeat for the next week or so, which means you’ll need your beauty sleep. Children are exhausting and no one can handle them unless they are refreshed. To wake up in a morning ready to attack the day, it’s important to get seven to nine hours.

As well as that, you need a good quality of sleep, so get rid of the electronics in the bedroom as they interrupt the body’s rhythms.


Do you think you can survive the fall break? There’s only one way to tell!

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