Stab Me In The Back, Please

Yeah, the needle is bigger than that.

Yeah, the needle is bigger than that.Since about a week before Christmas, I have been in a pain flare-up. I’ve had a constant headache but it keeps wavering back and forth. I got thinking about it and honestly, I need to stop referring to my headaches as migraine as if I tell you I am diagnosed with chronic daily headaches-that probably would make a bit more sense and put into understanding what I am forced to deal with. Right now, I’m at the eye watering stage but it’s just on one side.

We are all in agreement that I need my trigger point injections. My back and neck is just not releasing my knots, no matter what I do. The unfortunate part of that is, I’m back at square one trying to find someone to go with me-making it a harder situation too with the no car going on right now so at this point, I’m trying to prepare myself for not being able to go. Anyone wanna hand me the Xanax? Yeah, not going to lie. That just panicked me thinking about not being able to receive the treatment that has been helping me out.

How many people can say that all they want is to be stabbed in the back? Exactly.

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  1. White Flower Oil was introduced to me by my mother. During one of my headaches, she gave me this tiny bottle of oil and told me to massage it on my temples and forehead. Amazingly, it worked! Somehow the oil penetrates into the affected area and relieves the pain.

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