Sending Aubrey to Camp

Sending Aubrey to Camp 1

This past weekend, my Aubrey set off on an adventure she has talked about before in the past but I was never really sure when or how to make it happen. As Aubrey prepares for middle school, I’ve been having alot of conversations with her about being a kid as long as she can. Aubrey goes above and beyond in everything she does, and is always ready to help others.

So when I learned of our local Sheriff’s office giving kids the opportunity to earn a scholarship to our local Y Camp, I took great pride in writing why Aubrey deserved it. When I received the call from a Deputy, I was over the moon knowing I wouldn’t have had a way to do this for her without them. When I was able to tell Nick, I was in tears happy that I got to tell how special Aubrey is and why this was such a big deal for us.

Over the week, we have checked the Des Moines Y Camp Facebook page every night watching for updates and catching glimpses of Aubrey. We have had rain pretty much to an extent every single day but they’ve still been able to get out and enjoy things. I know she was excited for the chance to go out riding on horses.

While things haven’t always been easy for our family, I am proud of everything my kids accomplish. I want all of them to have experiences they can look back on and be proud of. Aubrey, we are proud of you, we miss you, and I can’t wait to give you huge bear hugs on Saturday.

A great thank you to the Story County Sheriff’s Department for making this possible and taking great pride in what you are doing for our youth!

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