QWest Employees Harrassing Paying Customers. *Update*

Some of you might have remembered the issues I had back in September with the QWest service making my bill higher than what it should be. It has not gone away. It has been an ongoing argument and other “services” being changed to make the bill close to 100 dollars a month. I’m sorry but I’m not paying for your screw ups. I work my butt off. And for subpar service, yeah. Not worth it.

After once again seeing another charge placed on my account and e-mailing a Steph Lake (who you can see commented on the previous post) I have gone back and forth to get what has been agreed upon. The internet got switched. Then I had to argue our long distance. Do not tell me one price and then attempt to charge me another. You are darn right I am going to be pissed and not a very easy person to get along with.

I finally contacted the Iowa Utilities Board Commission to get a third party involved that deals with companies such as this. You are asked to give the name of individuals you have been in contact with. So yes, Steph Lake of Qwest’s name went into my complaint.

Not even 48 hours from the time this is filed, I came to sit on my blog after being in the ER on my New Years. Yeah fun huh? But wait, it get’s better. I come home to find this waiting in moderation on my comments.


Well let me tell you a little something about the internet. The internet is not anonymous. Especially when you leave the REAL e-mail address. Mr. Commando there is really Joe Lake. Steph Lake’s husband. Steph Lake of Qwest.

And of course, Qwest has nothing to say except they apologize. Apologize? I’m paying for your mistakes. And I am not going to pay this woman’s paycheck and allow her to harass me. I’ve got Myspace pages, I’ve got the personal Twitter page. Do you really want me to post those?

Oh yeah, Steph and Joe, did you ever find the parrot you lost back in August. Just wondering.


Good Afternoon,

I wanted to take a quick minute to reach back out to you; to apologize on behalf of the Talk To Qwest Team; and as the Team Lead, I want to assure you that we do take Customer Account Privacy very seriously. This is being thoroughly researched and investigated to find out exactly what happened and appropriate steps taken to ensure this type of behavior doesn’t happen again.

I understand you are beyond frustrated with the many issues you have had and again, I apologize. I do understand the bill was not accurately reflecting all discounts and credits you were promised but that Steph was taking all appropriate measures to make sure you received everything you were informed you would get. We really do not want to lose you as a customer and we very much do appreciate your business!

In the meantime, if you have any questions please feel free to shoot me a quick email and I’d be happy to answer anything I can.

Thanks Again,

You appreciate my business? Could have fooled me.

QWest has been sitting on my blog. Yet they have nothing to say. The corporate office in Denver has tried going through this site with a fine tooth comb and refreshed well, a very ridiculous amount for having nothing to say. They are in violation of privacy laws yet still have nothing to say.

P.S. Just because you get on this post from a Blackberry, I still can see you.

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  1. That’s ridiculous. Steph Lake and her husband probably don’t know how big the world of the internet is, and just what kind of mess she started for herself. Is there another ISP you could use instead of Qwest? We use it and we’ve always been happy, but we’ve also never encountered Steph Lake.

  2. I am looking and deciding upon another service provider at this time. My $ is not going to go into a company that will not take responsibility for it’s employees. There’s LOTS more information I could share but I suppose I’ll be “nice” and give QWest the chance to respond. But I will not tolerate the lack of ethics. Boise, Idaho has some nice people it seems there.

  3. How dare you use YOUR money that way YOU want to. Pfft…Why wouldn’t you want to pay for charges that should not be on your bill. Geez Jenna! lmfao 😀

    Sounds like Quest needs a major class in how to hire and fire employees that harass customers and be beyotches!

    Hope it gets taken care of soon! And really, either way I’d be switching providers ASAP!

  4. That is insane! You have every right to be pissed. Obviously, her and her husband aren’t very smart to make such a comment in a public are like your blog. That’s not very business like either. Hope you can get this straightened out!

  5. Holy Crap! I have heard horror stories about Qwest. I worked in customer service for years and this would not have been tolerated, at all. Basically mister man’s email says “Bend over so we can screw you more. Thank you. Have a great day.” I would file a complaint with the BBB as well. You can get corporate information there and it will go on their file for when anyone goes to search for IF they want to do business with this company. It’s a shame how they are well known, but have such shitty ethics. Hopefully they will pull their heads out of their asses long enough to see that good customer service IS customer service. This is something they are obviously lacking.

  6. Geez that is just crazy. I agree that it is just crappy that they can’t take responsibility for their own employee. I hope you can find something better instead of having to deal with their crap.

  7. Jenna, you have just proven to everyone out here that we need to be checking our bills with a fine tooth comb every month. Sounds like that you did a good job of sticking up for yourself, and for not letting QWest run all over you. If you know a hungry lawyer, I would bring charges against Stephs’ husband for that slanderous post. I would file a complaint with the BBB. Contacting the Utilities Board was a good move. I hope that you can find another ISP and LD provider. I use Frontier up here, and so far I haven’t had any problems. I hope that 2010 treats you more kindly than 2009 did. Keep your chin up.

  8. What asshats!

    Hoping QWest FIRES this bitch for allowing her husband to PUBLICLY attack you and your personal life. So what, they have a bias against anyone who MIGHT be on welfare? (NOT saying you are, because I don’t know that info, nor do I want to.)

    How UNPROFESSIONAL can you get? I had run=ins with this company back in the mid 90’s. They wanted me to work for them, but in order to do that I HAD to switch my phone service to them. Their tactics were suspect to me then…this just cements it. Plus one of my best friends had them for a while…they sucked and she ripped them a new one SEVERAL times over this same kind of shit.

  9. OMG Jenna. What a bunch of pricks. Seriously. I’d definitely be contacting BBB, and reaching out toward the higher ups. Don’t stop until you have their attention.

    I know I’ll check into when my contract is up with them and switching to another company. I hope others will do the same, I certainly don’t want my money going to a company that treats their customers with so much disrespect.

  10. WOW!!!! Unfortunate that STILL businesses don’t understand the concept of customer service. even more unfortunate is we have to throw these people under the bus in a public forum in order to get done what we deserve. Good thing the FCC is there to help out in instances such as this. I posted about ordeals like this with Walmart and the franchise I used to work for on my blog. the comments had me pissed and laughing at their ignorance all at the same time. I hope you find some resolution to this.

  11. Hey many years back we had problems with them too and had to go to the Utilities Commission in our State to get it taken care of. They said they didn’t say this and that, but we even had a typed letter from them, and so they hung themselves with the utilities commission. We ended up with free phone service for about 16 months and they also had to pay us back around $150 after the Utilities Commission was finished. Unfortunately they are the only phone service for land lines, but if we ever have problems with them in the future we’ll just drop that and go strictly to our Cell Phone Carrier for that service.
    I hate it when company reps lie, and then the company backs up their lies.

  12. OK, I never swear on my blog never mind others so please feel free not to publish my comment..

    That BITCH should be FIRED!

  13. This is absolutely uncalled for. If Qwest does not act I would contact higher ups… they do have a Ethics VP.. and BBB has clout. As a long time Qwest customer this disgusts me. We are considering to change and go with a company who stands up for the CUSTOMERS not the EMPLOYEES!

  14. wow Jenna I wish I had seen this a week ago!I just recently posted a slew of twitter posts about my awful experience switching TO Qwest! I have been really nervous about switching since the experience has been so negative thus far,and this just makes me regret it even more! I am so glad you posted this and let the online world see their true colors! kudos and good luck!

  15. That’s some bullshit. They allow their employees to behave like that. CRAP. I hope this get’s resolved and quick. I will NEVER be a customer of Qwest. EVER.

  16. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! I’m irrate (Agreed @ Jen from J. Leigh Designz) The ‘B’ word doesn’t begin to cover a remark like that!
    We had serious troubles with Qwest also – much like yours. We finally gave up after 2 years of the same thing month after month, then we when called to cancel our service, they said they would drop a bunch of money from our bill, lower our monthly cost (I’m guessing to the amount we’re actually supposed to BE paying in the 1st place!) & asked what else they could do to help us stay! Good grief, 2 years and it all it took was the cancellation of our service to GET service from them? From the looks of your post though, they’re the same all over the West. We switched to Baja, & while they’re not fantastic, they’re easier to deal with than Qwest. Good luck!

  17. Holy freaking cow. I’ve never liked Qwest and if my apartment would let us use someone other than Qwest (the cheaper of 2 evils) or vision systems, I wouldn’t be with Qwest. I cannot believe the way they have treated you and that it’s still ongoing and Steph and her husband, wow. I am so sorry!

  18. I’ve heard of others complaining about Qwest as well on forums I belong to over the last couple years. Oh, and don’t forget to file a complaint with the FCC.

  19. I can’t believe that comment! That is more than crossing the line and blending your personal life with business. That is actual harassment. Qwest certainly should follow up with something more to you than, sorry it happened and tell you what measures they took against the employee.

    I’m sorry you even have to deal with this Jenna.

  20. Yeah Steph Lake “helped” me too when my ex and I had Qwest billing issues. She basically refused to help, claimed the bill was accurate, etc. Major nightmare. Then my parents signed up for internet service from Qwest and TWICE were billed more than they were originally told. Stay tuned, I expect more problems. I’m really sorry you’ve had all the problems with them and her hubsand’s comment is COMPLETELY inappropriate. If Qwest knew how to handle that situation appropriately, she’d be fired.

  21. Well I do work at Qwest myself and at the risk of being publically flogged by all of you, we aren’t all like this. Here in the Des Moines center providing great Customer Service is one of our top goals and trust me they know how to hire good and fire bad.

  22. Wow Jenna, that is unbelievable. Qwest certainly owes you more than an apology, they need to get to the bottom of your billing issues immediately. And take disciplinary action against their unprofessional employees.

  23. Wow! This is completely unacceptable. I would definitely go to the BBB. That was far beyond harassment! And, I would almost be willing to say that Steph could have been the one who made that comment using her husband’s email address…thinking that it wouldn’t get traced to her. DUMB! Good luck with this. Go to the BBB…they have a way of resolving issues!

  24. Oh Wow! I know I am seeing this a bit later than the story posted but I had to post.
    I would report not only to the BBB but I would be suing them. You can sue for libel and slander. Not to mention the privacy issues she broke when telling her husband and then he opted to write such a post on the internet of all places! You should sue!** Oh! Yes, change providers.

    **My disclaimer- (LOL)
    I am not a lawyer, attorney, paralegal, or in any way do I represent a court of law, the people, it’s partners, or companies. I am a consumer, however, that is damn tired of big companies taking advantage and squatting on us “little people” thinking we have no choice but to accept it.

  25. all I have to say is wow I am not suprised. I (unfortunately) work for them and have seen some of the actual good reps get fired for not making sales goals while reps like that *insert expletive here* stay because they got someone who didn’t really want/afford the service to buy it and jerk them around until it was no longer a question on their commission check. Even as an employee if we had another DSL provider I would have switched years ago. We have chains of command that can be spoken to and with our publicly announced merger with CenturyTel I am pretty sure Qwest doesn’t need any more hot water on them at the moment…I would turn up the heat and see how they try and sweat it out when they realize actual SERVICE means more than a short sale.

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