ProFlowers Bonsai Trees and Tropical Plants

ProFlowers Bonsai Trees and Tropical Plants 1

Since moving into our new apartment, I have wanted to do everything I could do to make it more than just “where we are living” and make it an actual home. With that comes finding ways to decorate etc. I have always been fascinated with Bonsai Trees and thanks to ProFlowers, I had the chance to check out a beautiful Tranquil Jade Bonsai Tree.

When the package arrived, I was so excited to open it up and see this beautiful plant. ProFlowers took great care in packaging the Bonsai with care and it arrived with nothing wrong. The bottom soil was wrapped to make sure it didn’t spill and the Bonsai simply took my breath away. I have always been fascinated with Bonsai Trees and this was my first opportunity to own one for myself.

ProFlowers offers a wide variety of flower bouquets, gift baskets, plants, and so much more for whatever your occasion might be. I love the site’s navigation in being able to choose your gift by occasion, color, and so much more!

ProFlowers Bonsai Trees and Tropical Plants 2

The specific Bonsai Tree I received, the Tranquil Jade Bonsai is said to be the easiest to grow, a big plus for me as I am constantly on the go and sometimes forget the obvious things. Luckily, my bonsai is right at my bedside in which it reminds me to water it when I wake up or before bed.

  • One 3-year-old Dwarf Jade bonsai (6-8″ tall)
  • 1 Dwarf Horsetail accent plant
  • Planting pot (approximately 10″ diameter)
  • Care instructions
  • Item #2966

This Dwarf Jade combined with the divided land water pot makes a wonderful indoor miniature landscape. Let the beauty and simplicity of this bonsai plant bring peace of mind and tranquility to the soul. Dwarf Jade is a tropical plant and is one of the easiest trees to grow. It is also well adapted to low light and tolerant of short periods of dryness. Place indoors near windows facing southeast or west. In warm weather, bonsai will grow best outdoors. Never allow bonsai to freeze. Humidity tray is not included, but can be purchased when ordering.

A Bonsai Tree is a unique gift because unlike a floral bouquet you might decide to give, a bonsai will continue to grow and be a gift that isn’t just forgotten. It will continue to grow and thrive, a constant reminder of your generosity. It amazed me the amount of bonsai varieties there are and how unique these beautiful plants become.

Disclosure: I received the above bonsai from ProFlowers to facilitate my review. All opinions above are that of my own.

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