Polliwalks Fun Shoes for Little Toes

When you are a child, it’s all about having fun. Toys, clothing, it’s all about fun and bright colors to keep those little minds growing.


Polliwalks has created a unique line of shoes for those little toes! Each shoe is shaped in the form of a variety of animals, perfect for the little boy or girl in your life. Not only are these shoes created with fun in mind, Polliwalks also are constructed of a soft foam and molded to create arch support and comfort-perfect for children beginning to walk or those little ones that love to run around!

Kelsie and Aubrey got the chance to check out Elmo and Cookie Monster Polliwalks. The girls LOVED them! Knowing when I have worn clogs before I was anxious to see how the shoes would fit the girls and was impressed with the obvious comfort the girls had. Kelsie was ecstatic to see “Elmo Shoes” and has enjoyed the chance to wear them even just around the house.


Aubrey’s Cookie Monster shoes were also a great fit. Normally when trying a new shoe, she is very hesitant to try walking in them. If she doesn’t like the shoe, she’ll let you know as well. With Aubrey’s Cookie Monster Polliwalks, she was quick to get up and run! Our family members all get a huge kick out of watching her run around with her Polliwalks on. She also has some chubby baby legs and the strap around her ankle did not leave any red marks like I am so used to seeing.

Polliwalks™ was born from the imagination of long time footwear designer and former toy designer, Joel Rusnak.  He had the idea that children’s shoes should be fun and offer toy like features that will make wearing shoes a playful experience, while offering support, stability and comfort for little feet.  Joel teamed up with his wife, and three of his long time industry colleagues, and together, they created Polliwalks™.

With the upcoming Holiday Season, Polliwalks create a fun variety of designs for that special little one in your life! Polliwalks are available for sale at a variety of Online Retailers as well as several stores in your area.

This post is the pure opinion of my own. Our family received a sample for review and all statements are purely based on our own experience with Polliwalks Shoes.

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