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One More Haagen-Dazs Winner Coming Up….LIVE

Did you seriously think I was done talking ice cream? NOPE!

I have one additional coupon left for a lucky For The Love of Baby! reader. This LIVE Giveaway is for One Complimentary Haagen-Dazs 14 oz Product or package of Haagen-Dazs bars. YUMMY!


First you must go to Haagen-Dazs website and tell me one thing from the site. A favorite product, a recipe worth checking out anything.

Then you may enter as many times as you wish as long as you are talking about you guessed it…. ICE CREAM!

Winner will be selected at random sometime this evening, so get your entries in NOW!!


  1. In college we had a friend that had a brother that worked at Haagan Dazs, so he used to bring us free ice cream all the time!

  2. I remember going to the turtle store when I was little (It’s roof looked like a turtle shell and was painted green) to get an ice cream cone with bubble gum ice cream

  3. sigh Why did I have to come enter this? Now that I’ve went and checked out all the icecream, that’s what I want for lunch 🙁 The vanilla & milk chocolate ice cream bars look especially tempting!

  4. I couldn’t talk hubby into going back to town for icecream. Instead we ate left over BBQ for lunch.

  5. Yesterday was my oldest son’s 11th birthday and somehow I didn’t even get any icecream then!

  6. OMG…the picture on the page for their Strawberry flavored ice cream is making my mouth water like mad! Yummmm! And it’s so crazy cause I don’t even like strawberry ice cream that much. But that picture is just to die for.

  7. i didnt have anything sweet to serve during the hockey game hubby picked up ice cream bars- haagen-dazs vanilla and dark chocolate mmmm it was so good i might have another!

  8. mmm frozen coffee squares sound really good too. One the snow melts and we get to see the sun ill give these recipes a try

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