Pink said it best…

Pink said it best... 1

“I’m My Own Worse Enemy” Boy does that apply for more reasons than one. For one, I should be sleeping right now but nerves have the better hold of me. Two, why the hell did I go read more about the pain medicine clinic? Obviously, I am seeing an anesthesiologist with strict orders about no eating for six hours prior, nothing but clear liquids up to two hours prior so I know I will be having something done tomorrow.

I really wish I would have been given a better idea of what would be done or heck, any information about what to expect. I was told nothing but “Here’s your appt. time” We have to drive about two and a half to three hours to get there by 11. My mom will be the one with me (a whole other reason my nerves are on edge)

My body is worn out. That new physical therapist doesn’t seem to know much about fibromyalgia because a day later, my body is in full on havoc. I wonder what difference that will make in tomorrow’s appt. as well.

I really hope that this doctor will open up at least my mom’s eyes since she will be the one with me. Of course, she’s already given me the “Let’s go shopping once we’re done at your appt.” Mom, I’m pretty much 90% sure I will be getting stabbed in the back. Literally. Can we just go and not have me stressing about her plans?

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