Ovarian Cysts Bite. Seriously.

Last year, it was discovered that I had developed ovarian cysts. Well to say the least, this past week, it reared it’s ugly head and left me doubled over in pain.

While I wasn’t 100% sure, I started thinking about the pain and how to was radiating. I called up my insurance to discuss urgent care options in our area, doing everything I could to avoid the emergency room. I found the urgent care after a struggle with the GPS having no idea that the street it was on existed. With every attempt to NOT go to the ER, Urgent Care told me it was emergent and I had to go to the emergency room based on symptoms.

After the ER trip and ultrasound, I was informed that the cyst had developed into a bit more than “just a cyst”. I was now dealing with a complex cyst, anĀ Endometrioma. As you can guess, the endometrial lining of the uterus was found in the cyst. Yay. I knew endometriosis can grow outside of the uterus but never expected to hear that. I also asked question about some of the various back and abdominal pain I am dealing with and this cyst is the thing likely causing all the problems. Lovely.

I wonder how many of these complications were from having my tubal ligation and endometrial ablation. My normal OB/GYN showed some disgust knowing another doctor told me it was my only option. Thankfully, I have my OB/GYN back that can get this taken care of, hopefully sooner rather than later.


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