We are the WWE #WrestleMania #WWEMoms

We are the WWE #WrestleMania #WWEMoms 1

As we got ready for school yesterday morning, an amazing WWE commercial came across our TV. In hearing it talk about what a hero looks like and how a hero can inspire in so many ways, it was no surprise to hear Aubrey say, “We are the WWE”.

Being a fan of the WWE and part of the WWEMoms, I love that there are so many initiatives that give back to the community, support some very important charities and missions, and shows that the WWE is much more than just sports entertainment.

JimmyJeyUso and MommyJenna

This weekend marks the biggest event in all WWE events, WrestleMania. On the eve of WrestleMania 32, it’s no surprise we are breaking out the WWE shirts, preparing for the Hall of Fame tonight, and getting excited for some amazing matches and I’m sure surprises tomorrow night.

If you are new to the WWE Network, you can subscribe and watch WrestleMania 32 for FREE. I’ve loved the WWE Network since the start and being able to enjoy our favorite pay-per-view events.


What match are you excited for?

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