Moving Time!

Moving Time! 1Today I was able to get the keys to our new apartment! Man oh man though has the weather been hot for the moving I was able to get done today. My Mom’s car and mine were both packed to the brim. Tomorrow, we are expecting storms and if not, it is going to be HOT. I’m trying to keep things organized as I go. I hate having that feeling right now that I’m forgetting something.

We still have to figure out how I’m going to be going about getting our internet and phone switched to the new apartment. The joys of installation fees and security deposits.

We have some friends coming tomorrow, including Tanya and the little ones to play and I am so thankful for everyone helping us out! An old friend from Searching for Shakespeare is ready to help tomorrow and my cousin and her husband are letting me bring some stuff over for their garage sale and so on. You all rock! My Mom will be back tomorrow as well.

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