Summer Road Trip With VW Routan! #giveaway

Summer Road Trip With VW Routan! #giveaway 1Summer is almost here and this year, we have been talking of what to do as a “vacation”. We’ve talked about heading to the Omaha Zoo or heading north to the Mall of America but of course, how on Earth do you keep two little ones busy and occupied for such a long car trip? We have talked about getting an SUV or Van like the VW Routan. With tons of storage space and options for the entire family to stay entertained, I have a feeling we wouldn’t want to get out! The Routan offers everyone plenty of leg room which is something I would look forward to after being cramped in my teeny tiny car for the past few years.

Summer is just around the corner which means time to round up the kids and head out on a family vacation road trip! Whether going across country to a national park or just taking the kids up to the grandparent’s house, half the fun is getting there. And it doesn’t matter where you’re headed; you’re going to want to be comfortable along the way.  With 12v power outlets, JoyBox™ Entertainment system, UConnect® Bluetooth® system, roof rack and more the Routan provides comfort and fun for the family.


To celebrate Volkswagen’s Routan making vacation easier, one VERY LUCKY For The Love of Baby! reader will win a VW Routan Summer Road Trip Survival Pack Valued at $400!

Summer Road Trip With VW Routan! #giveaway 2

This Survival Pack Includes-

Two No-spill cups for babies/toddlers

Travel editions of board games

1.      Travel Candyland® game
2.      Travel Guess Who® game

Coloring book w/ color-changeable markers

One VW Electric Guitar (not pictured)
Two DVDs of the latest family movies (to be selected by Sponsor) to play in the Routan minivan’s JoyBox™ Entertainment System.
One Bluetooth headset to use with the Routan minivan’s UConnect® Bluetooth® system.
One Battery Jumper
One Fix-A-Flat Tire inflator
One AAA® Emergency Preparedness Kit
One neck pillow (not pictured)

Enter To Win (Mandatory)

We want to hear about a memorable Vacation Road Trip? Was it good, was it bad? Leave a comment telling us all about it!

Additional Entries

  • “Like” the VW on Facebook. Leave a comment letting me know you did so and your name. 2 Additional Entries.
  • What are your plans for this Summer and travelling? One Additional Entry
  • Tweet this giveaway and leave a link to your status for Once Daily Unlimited Entries.
  • Comment on any non-giveaway blog post for UNLIMITED ENTRIES.

This Contest is Open to US Addresses only. Contest will end June 30, 2010 at 11:59PM CST. Sponsor and employees Volkswagen, and their respective affiliates, as well as all others involved in this promotion and their immediate families (defined for the purposes of this Sweepstakes as parents, spouses, children, siblings and household members) are not eligible. Sweepstakes is subject to all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Winner will be selected via Winner will have 48 hours from the time e-mailed to claim prize.

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  1. Our most memorable one was LAST summer. We went to the Milwaukee Zoo, where we’d been about 6 times already. However, there was construction EVERYWHERE. Milwaukee is a 2 hour drive. We got rerouted several times and detoured. Well the 2 hour trip took more like 4 hours and we were lost to the point we were in the middle of no where. The cell phones didn’t work. We drove and drove and found a man cutting his lawn. We had to blatantly tell him we were lost and ask how to get back. He chuckled and told us. It was embarrassing though!
    .-= Bobbie (OneScrappyMom)´s last blog ..Surviving A Road Trip =-.

  2. “Like” VW on facebook – onescrappymom #1
    .-= Bobbie (OneScrappyMom)´s last blog ..Surviving A Road Trip =-.

  3. “Like” VW on facebook – onescrappymom #2
    .-= Bobbie (OneScrappyMom)´s last blog ..Surviving A Road Trip =-.

  4. This summer, hubby and I have plans for a getaway. We are going to a summer concert event for 4 days. The kids will be staying with family, which will be fun for them as I have activities lined up and they are staying with family that has a pool!
    .-= Bobbie (OneScrappyMom)´s last blog ..Surviving A Road Trip =-.

  5. My most memorable road trip was the one coming home from Vegas from our wedding last year…

    It was good because I was happy… but bad because I was terribly hung over!
    .-= Nina Say´s last blog ..FF Giveaway Linky 6/11 =-.

  6. The only thing planned for this summer is our trip to the casino this sunday!
    .-= Nina Say´s last blog ..FF Giveaway Linky 6/11 =-.

  7. My favorite Road trip memory is when my parents took my brother, cousins and I on a trip to Cape Cod when we were young. We took out time traveling there, making a number of overnight stops. Throughout the trip, my Dad, not one to ask for directions, kept getting lost. At one point, we drove onto a dead end street…and at the end of the street there was a cemetary. But, dad still wouldn’t admit he was lost. We laughed so hard and still laugh whenever someone brings this trip up.
    Thanks so much.

  8. I “Like” the VW on Facebook (Margaret E. Smith)
    Thanks again

  9. The only plans we have so far is to go to the Jersey shore & to visit Lancaster Pa. Thanks again

  10. Last summer we drove from Nebraska to Kentucky. It. Was. Awesome. We had such a good time as a family, visiting family and seeing the beautiful sights of Kentucky.

    Everything went smoothly, we were relaxed and it was the first time we had a true vacation as a family of 4. Next year we are planning on going to Disneyland…and I have no doubts that it will be another incredible family vacation.
    .-= Sky´s last blog ..Maintaining Math Skills in the Summer =-.

  11. We don’t have big travel plans this summer. We are going to go to Omaha for a couple of days to hit the zoo and Coco Key. Next year, next year though!
    .-= Sky´s last blog ..Maintaining Math Skills in the Summer =-.

  12. First, I hate being getting lost. So, once on my way home from a road trip to a writer’s conference, I took a wrong exit and ended up in a not nice neighborhood at a not nice hour to visit. In a full out panic, I called a friend, who calmly said to me, “V, you are not lost. You are just temporarily misplaced.” Then he talked me down and helped me find my way home. I will never forget that phrase, though, and have oft repeated it to myself. Helps every time.
    .-= Virginia from Lady V dZine´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday- Hey Mom, this helmet’s too big =-.

  13. ours is coming up, we are going to disney by car, but told the kids we are going camping.

  14. I had a funny moment when we where looking at Christmas Light on Christmas Eve and Saw two deer Getting it on lol
    .-= Miranda Allen´s last blog ..Prenatal Music Belt Sweepstakes =-.

  15. getting stuck in a snowstorm on the way back from spring break making it an extra week

  16. We’ve had so many road trip adventures and have been so lucky traveling with our 3 children. They are great during long car rides and our last long drive was to Orlando in February.

  17. The best road trip was driving through the middle of the desert in Mexico on a 12 hour road trip. We were in a small Mexican car with no a/c and no radio. I was stuck in the backseat the whole trip. We didn’t speak any Spanish which made it very interesting to cross the borders between the Mexican states. The border guards with their machine guns added to the whole adventure. It was the adventure of a lifetime.

  18. Me and the kids are getting ready to go on a 12 hour trip to visit family next week. I am so not looking forward to the drive, but I am picturing myself relaxing on the lake. Only doing it once this summer and then it’s back to life and just having small road trips after that.

  19. I remember our one major family trip when I was 12 – we drove to Wash DC. It was pretty neat except for all the time we spent in the car!

  20. No real plans because I have a big project going on at work that will be super crazy in July and August. 🙁

  21. Trying to get to Brooklyn by car. None of us had driven there, and only one had been to NYC at all. Needless to say we had some difficulty and one of the passengers has been banned from holding the map!

  22. When my son was just three year old we set off on a road trip to New Mexico and then on to Colorado. He was a great little rider and gave us no problems at all. We went to Carlsbad, saw real cowboys and rode on a steam train in Colorado. It was a great trip, one that I will never forget!

  23. We are leaving on a road trip next week to North Carolina to visit relatives!

  24. We took a road trip to Maine with our toddler. We camped rather roughly, having to bath by boiling water and washing up. It ended up being a wonderful trip.

  25. A couple of years ago my husband and I decided to attend a New Year’s concert in Detroit with a bunch of our friends from around the county and we decided to drive. So we left a few days early and we drove and on the way we stopped in Aurora, IL which is the setting of the movie ‘Wayne’s World’ and we thought it would be funny to take a picture there. Then we went to Chicago (we had never been) and stayed for 2 days. It was fun! We went to the Second City, museums and sites and then we drove to Detroit and joined our friends for the concert and had a blast!! But then the next day we got up and drove straight home. Good road trip!

  26. What are your plans for this Summer and travelling?

    We are planning on taking small local vacations. Going to places within our own state or maybe just over to the next state. Something you could do in a weekend!

  27. I’d love to make some memorable road trip memories, all of my road trip memories are pretty blah. (not good or bad, just boring).

    ktgonyea at

  28. My worst road trip was driving to Vegas, pulling a car trailer, and getting a flat on that trailer. 🙁
    .-= Jenny D´s last blog ..$25 Gift Certificate for Only $3 PLUS Free $10! *Ends 6/13* =-.

  29. This summer we’re planning to go fishing in WI with my family!
    .-= Jenny D´s last blog ..Print a Coupon to Get a Quiznos Meal for Only $2.99 =-.

  30. When I was about 5 we went to Galveston and arrived late at night. We had a hotel room that faced the ocean and when I woke up and looked outside I yelled “Daddy come look at the big river!”. My dad loves to tell that story..I bet I’ve heard it a hundred times.

  31. Ours was getting stuck in LA for an extra week because the Grapevine was closed with snow and we needed to get home to seattle.
    Thanks for the chance.

  32. I love taking a weekend and traveling! A couple of weeks ago I hopped in the car and headed to NY for my daughters wedding!! Getting there ,driving around and Sarah showing me the sites,I love it. I went a couple of days early so we spent time together ,visiting different restaurants and just having fun together!
    I loved it!!
    .-= Peggy Gorman´s last blog ..Win a Routan Summer Road Travel Survival Pack from so many mom bloggers!! =-.

  33. “Like” the VW on Facebook. #1
    Peggy Gorman
    .-= Peggy Gorman´s last blog ..Win a Routan Summer Road Travel Survival Pack from so many mom bloggers!! =-.

  34. “Like” the VW on Facebook. #2
    Peggy Gorman
    .-= Peggy Gorman´s last blog ..Win a Routan Summer Road Travel Survival Pack from so many mom bloggers!! =-.

  35. I will be traveling to Mexico !! I can’t wait!!
    .-= Peggy Gorman´s last blog ..Win a Routan Summer Road Travel Survival Pack from so many mom bloggers!! =-.

  36. We love the memories we make every year we go down to Kissimmee, FL in January.

  37. OK, well this one is a little scary only because of lack of sleep. My wife and I were supposed to go on a cruise in Florida after we were first married. We had flight tickets to get down there but on the day of our flight there was huge ice storm and and so we had no choice but to drive so we drove over 1200 miles from Oklahoma to Fort Lauderdale in about 24 hours straight. NONSTOP. It was crazy and dangerous and we certainly were not rested enought to drive and when we got to Florida everybody looked at us like we were crazy because we were wearing layers of clothes and we got to our motel and slept for about 12 hours. But once we got on the cruise we had a blast!

  38. My only real summer plans are going to a couple of concerts out of town. We will go eat out a nice dinner and see the show and spend the night. Not any realy big vacations planned

  39. We went on a road trip to Orlando Florida to see Mickey Mouse and go to the beach. It was so much fun, lots of treats and songs and good times.

  40. We took our kids home to Georgia from Vermont and blew a tire in Virginia at 3 am on the highway, next to a farm. For two hours, until a tow truck could come all we heard was “MOOO” “MOOOO” after a while it became funny.

  41. My most memorable trip is one we took to Las Vegas a few years back. On the way, we saw thunderstorms and lighting in a distance. The visual was so beautiful and perfect, it left a huge impression on me, and I never forgot the memory or the trip.

  42. The most memorable road trip I have taken was with my husband (before we were married) We drove to Niagara Falls, it was a great time!

  43. This summer we will be going to Greece. So it won’t be a road trip, but we will certainly need to keep the kids entertained on the long flight.

  44. I once drove from PA to FLA with a 80 year old and a 5 year old. If we weren’t stopping for coffee, we were stopping to pee!

  45. growing up my parents took my brother and i on a trip to ca from ne (it took us a week to get there, lots of stops along the way!) some of my favorite memories from childhood are from this trip – stepping on my first cactus, riding in a red convertible, etc

    autumn398 @

  46. My most memorable road trip was the year the entire extended family went to Daytona Beach. The sand, the sun, and forty of your closest relatives is always fun.

  47. My worst trip was driving back from alabama to Ohio with a crying teething baby and a sleepy restlee three year old.

  48. I plan on going to Alabama to visit family only this time we are flying.

  49. One of my memorable road trips was just a short one–Chicago to Springfield, IL. But it was the first road trip where I drove and only friends went with.

  50. I want to take a road trip to TN to visit family. I’m just wary of traveling with my 4-year-old and 1-year-old.

  51. My worst trip ever was driving to Virginia Beach because we only went there to bring back my sister who had run away. We only got to view the beautiful ocean from the window of the car. It was probably my only chance ever to get to see an ocean close up and I didn’t get to experience it. 🙁

  52. My best trip ever was when the family drove to Tennessee to visit Graceland a few years after Elvis died. On this same trip, we also got to see where Loretta Lynn lived. It was a very pretty place to visit, and I loved all the southern accents. 🙂

  53. Our most memorable trip was a few years ago when we took the kids out west in our camper. It was a 2 week adventure!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  54. My best trip memory is from many (too many) years ago when I was around 8 or 9. We had gone on a weekend trip to visit relatives, and on the way home, dad took a detour to show us a place near where he grew up. It was a pool hidden in the forest that he and his friends had found and went swimming in. Although it was the middle of summer and blazing hot, the pool and the stream that fed it were shaded and very nearly as cold as ice water. My brother and I swam and played while our parents sat on the shore and watched. Sometimes it is just the simplest things

  55. My most memorable vacation trip was a 15 hour trip to Louisiana with my parents, sister and grandmother in a Horizon car. I have no idea how we all fit!

  56. We’re visiting my aunt & uncle in Indiana for 4th of July this summer.

  57. I remember driving cross country with my friend and her two cats in a teeny little car and having to get out and walk them on leashes at truck stops. It was chaotic but fun!

  58. This summer I’m planning to visit my bf’s hometown with him for the first time.

  59. My best trip was when we went to see my brother in New Jersey while he was in the Air Force I got to see the ocean for the first time LOVED it

  60. no plans for travel for us this year other then maybe a trip to the local fishing hole cant afford it this year

  61. Best trip ever would be going to NC from MD in a camper with 4 kids and two dogs. Singing songs, making faces and getting the truckers to honk at us. Of course I was one of the kids.
    .-= Frantic Holly´s last blog ..Firehouse! by Mark Teague =-.

  62. We took a vacation trip to visit my in-laws when my son was about six months old. I didn’t particularly care for them but I did want them to be a part of my son’s life. Just hours after we got there, hubby had appendicitis and spent the next five days in the hospital. We had to have his brother fly down to help me with the drive home, since hubby couldn’t drive. It was a trip to remember!

  63. My online friend won a trip from Oprah. It was to NY City and included Broadway tickets to Aida, spa day at Avon spa in Donald Trump Tower, and much more. It was my first time meeting Niki. We did delis, the subway, shopping, Times Square! I was picked up in a limo like one of those know where the drivers stand around with signs that have your name on them? It was amazing.

  64. You should delete my previous comment. It isn’t technically a ROAD trip. The best trip I took was driving to California from WA state. It included Crater Lake, San Francisco, Ocean beaches. Truly beautiful.

  65. Plans: My father has a terminal illness. I will be making multiple road trips back and forth between WA state and CA again. Last year 4 or 5 trips. This year that many or more.

  66. My most memorable was driving around Yellowstone looking for wildlife to see and take pictures of.

  67. My first trip with my kids to florida ah yes the never ending nightmnare trip kids fighting flat tire ticket and all with the fantastic summertime heat YESS

  68. The most merorible was thw summer Elvis died we where coming home from the Smoky Mountains and my mom just busted out crying when she heard the radio

  69. My most memorable was driving around Yellowstone looking for wildlife to see and take pictures of with the whole family.

  70. I went on a road trip to a concert in another city and got in a huge intersection crash – no one was hurt, but no one was really in the mood to see the concert anymore, either – esp the owner of the car!

  71. I drove across the country for the Millenium celebration in New Orleans and it was great. I went solo, but kinda winded my way around getting cheapo hotels here and there and just exploring the country a bit. 4000 new miles on my odometer and 4000 new experiences to talk about! Sometimes I wish I could do it all again sometime, but with a wife and a kid now, its not really an option.

  72. My friends and I drove one year when we were 17. We thought we drove around a couple states but it turns out we never left the state next to us. I guess we kept going in circles around the state. We never took a map and the GPS feature was not out there yet to use. We have learned to have a map or ask directions. Even though it was fun for us, I wish we could of made it to the

  73. When I was a little girl my parents saw no reason not to pull over by the side of the road and let me or my brother go to the bathroom. Once on a roadtrip to Disney World just as I was pulling up my pants a car came up behind us and hit me with their brights making me an accidental flasher.

  74. We drove my sister to Texas from Wisconsin and hit icy weather and a ton of snow…the drive too almost double the time!

  75. My fave roadtrip was when I was 15 and learning how to drive. My family and I drove from CA to FL

  76. Once we went camping with a bunch of people and we ended up sleeping in the van! Loved it.
    .-= Elaine, clothed much´s last blog ..I think I need more belts and shoes.. =-.

  77. My most memorable trip was when I was 15 years old and we ran into our old friends at a rest stop that we hadn’t seen in a few years (and 1500 miles away!) we both just so happened to be traveling at the same time and wound up in the same spot. Pretty remarkable considering they lived in Texas and we lived in Virginia. We still keep in touch! Thanks for the chance to win this great prize pack!!

  78. I went on a trip with my brother from Florida to Illinois. We broke down in every state and it took us 4 days to get there. We still had fun though.

  79. One of my most memorable trips was when I was younger and we were heading up to camp. I can remember my dad driving and my mom up front along with myself and my two siblings. A rock fell of a truck and smashed are windshield on the car. I can remember being scared and my parents being afraid the windshield would break more.

  80. way back our whole gang went camping, love my friends but don’t ever want to live with them

  81. When my two oldest children were 4 & 5 we decided to take them for their first trip to the ocean. We live in the mountains so their first look was a look of awe and priceless.
    But as my 5 year old son went running along the beach he turn to ask “Where’s Baywatch Mom, Where’s Baywatch ?
    He honestly thought that they would be waiting for him lol.
    Poor little guy. It took me the better part of an hour to convince him that that was only on television.
    Thank you so much for the giveaway.


  82. I am a fan of VW via Facebook as Jill Myrick.


  83. I am a fan of VW via Facebook as Jill Myrick #2.


  84. We will be taking our annual trip to the beach in July for two weeks this summer.


  85. The most memorable road trip I have ever taken was this past spring when we (my husband, the kids, and myself) drove to Florida, and visited Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World! We drove from Texas to Florida, and back. A long drive to make with 3 children, but a drive we will never forget! We are about to take another road trip, this time to California. This giveaway would be PERFECT for that trip!

    I “liked” VW on Facebook. =)

  86. My best road trip ever was a drive up the Pacific Coast Highway from Los Angeles to San Francisco. It was my first time on the West Coast and I was thrilled. I can’t wait to do it again, this time in the opposite direction! Thanks!

  87. We always have fun road trips with the kids! The memorable part is hearing all the funny conversations they have with eachother.

  88. It was a swell little road trip that my father took the whole family on up to the Mountains when I was a small child

  89. Our most memorable car trip was coming home from Hershey PA and being stuck in a traffic jam on the turnpike. We nearly ate all of our souviners.
    .-= Kim H.´s last blog ..Changes on Blogger =-.

  90. We stopped in Oklahoma City on a cross country trip to see the Memorial there. I am glad we did; it was calm and moving.

  91. I remember driving through southern Mississippi after Katrina and how so many trees were down because of the storm. It was so eerie

  92. Last year we took a 3000 mile camping/road trip to Colorado and back with the kids. We stopped in the Rockies to hike and there was a bear in the field that we parked next to. Needless to say none of us wanted to hike!
    .-= Sonya ´s last blog ..Winners List for 6-23- =-.

  93. My grand parents loaded all the grand kids up and went to the mountain. It was the best trip cause I was with them and wish I could see them again. We went to dancing shows, theme parks, waterfalls. Best time every road trip.

  94. Our most memorable road trip was a few years ago when we went to Disney World which is about 12 hours from where we live.

  95. My favorite road trip was when we headed to the AR Mountains. We stayed in Mountain View and they had a huge rocking chair it was awesome.
    .-= Jammie´s last blog ..Christmas in July =-.

  96. when I was very young and on our way to Florida I had a mouthful of big leauge chew when I took a nap and when I woke up it was in my hair 🙁

  97. summer trips will be to Lake Delevan WI great town if you ever get the chance


  98. I was traveling at 7 months pregnant, driving from Wisconsin to Florida with two little ones to do the Disney thing. We were in an OLD conversion van and the ride was VERY bumpy. On the way back, we tried to drive a long trek through the night and I ended up going into preterm labor. We had to find a hotel and call an ambulance. They stopped the labor and we drove VERY slowly home and I had a healthy baby girl two months later. THREE MORE kids later, we now drive an equally worn, 10 year old van with the air out. that recharger could really come in handy some days…LOL!

    thanks so much!

  99. Travel plans for the summer are pretty limited to about two hour trips! We have already been to TWO family Birthday parties, TWO family graduation parties, ONE family wedding, THREE baseball tournaments for our teen son, and plan to visit another son’s new house this weekend. Two MORE baseball tourneys out of the area in July and finally, After all of this is over and we can BREATHE and we will try to get in some camping before school starts again for our three of six kids still at home! I also have to travel a couple hours for medical trips every couple of months…not fun traveling but necessary!

    thank you!

  100. Hey Jenna, just reading up on your blog & seeing your medical issues. I commented on your WHAT did I do to Deserve This? post. (am gonna keep reading!)


  101. Jenna…still reading, and commented on the Mary Greeley, More Horrible Treatment post. (I am looking into WHAT this clinic is right now…I live in Wisconsin and get about the same “treatment”…ugh!)

  102. OK…still reading. Left a HEATED comment on your DO NOT GO TO MARY GREELEY:UPDATE post. Sigh…now MY blood pressure is up! LOL!

  103. I commented on your SO WHAT’s NEXT? Post. I signed up for your RSS so hope to keep connecteda. Gotta get to bed before I drop! THANKS!

  104. We plan on going to Myrtle Beach for a week this summer.

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  105. was stuck in n.m. for a week during xmas due to a part falling off the car

  106. My most memorable road trip was when I was 7 and my family drove down to florida. I remember closing my sister’s head in the power window (she still has her head lol)

  107. Our last road trip with our kids was 8 or 9 years ago. It was horrible. We went to NC and we even made one stop on the way to spend the night but the second day we ended up being in the car super long and our oldest was pretty awful….and what can you do while in the car? It has taken us this long to try a road trip again. We will be going to South Carolina later this summer.

  108. We had a good road trip to Rock City. No one got sick and the kids loved the view from the top of the mountain.

  109. We drove cross-country, stopping to camp, and see a lot of the national parks, spent a couple of months in Denver, Colorado, and then back home again. My father was in school for his company in Denver; each weekend we’d pick another place to go and camp. It was really a wonderful summer that year!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  110. We’ve got two weddings to go to this summer. One requires travel, but I’ll see lots of family while I’m there.
    Other than that, we visit the library a lot and use their wi-fi to look for a job.

  111. usually they are good,except for dh will never ask for directions,som sometimes we have adventures!


  112. A week to travel from San Diego to San Francisco in a convertible.

  113. I won a trip to Scotland and we will also be doing a lot of camping.

  114. Going to the beach with my parents when I was a kid. Also, going to Disney with my parents and my cousin.

  115. I was really nervous about taking my daughter on her first road trip last year, but she was probably a better traveler than me.

  116. My most memorable road trip was when our parents took us to Myrtle Beach. It was our first trip to the beach. It was great. All day we played in the sand building sand castles and playing in the ocean. Dad cooked hot dogs on the beach. We stayed in a motel by the beach.

  117. One of our latest road trips started in June in Phoenix, where it was over 100 degrees. Then we drove to San Diego, where it was 50 and windy, and we really froze. Fun trip, tho.

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