Managing My House…or Trying Anyway

Managing My House...or Trying Anyway 1

It is hard to believe my little guys are now a month old. They are growing like weeds and of course, stealing the hearts of all around them. Kelsie and Aubrey are my OVER-helpers when it comes to the boys.

But yet, I feel so behind on just about everything. Laundry needs done, the floor needs vacuumed, the toilet scrubbed, oh and I better not forget that appointment.

Being a mom of twins is a whole new ball park, especially with two other children. I’ve been lucky enough to get one on one time with both girl so they know they’re still just as important as the twins. I’m blessed for that one on one time, even if it is short, it’s still there.

I’ve been looking up easy recipes to try and make sure the family is well fed, the organizer is out and ready for the next appointment (We have Home Health nurses, neonatal specialists, etc. My house is never boring!)

I am here, the head might not be QUITE above water, I might have spit-up on a shirt if you try and visit, or dark circles under my eyes but I’m here. And while I am tired and my back hurts, I love every minute of being a Mom.

P.S. I’m hungry (the stomach just growled as a reminder)…and now that’s a reminder of the grocery list that needs made and taken to the store. Crap.


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