Baby Aubrey’s First “Big” Owie

There is one part of being a Mom I HATE. When little ones get hurt.

Aubrey has learned to pull herself to standing and then “cruise” around holding onto things. Well today, she was doing her typical pull up on the coffee table and stand there. BAM! My poor baby last her footing or something and she went mouth first into the side of the coffee table.

After much much comforting and “shhh baby I know sweetie”, we were able to get her to hold onto a cold washcloth.From what I could see at that time (she was not opening her mouth!) it looked like the inside of her top lip was busted.

I make a phone call into First Nurse who says based on where it’s at, YES, she needs to be seen. So I call her Pediatrician at McFarland Clinic. After being hung up on four times on hold-a nurse finally gets ahold of me. No, she’ll be fine the bleedings stopped and it wont bleed anymore. FINE Whatever.

Twenty minutes later, Aubrey is crawling on the floor and I see blood dribbling down my poor baby’s face. Not going to bleed anymore huh McFarland? Screw calling them back-time to call the Pediatric Dentist.

They have me bring her in right away to check the condition of her teeth. It did not look pretty from what she let me see. The dentist says her teeth appear intact without X-Rays. She has several lacerations on her lips and gums, including one that ran up the entire side of a tooth, and she split the “muscle” between your gum and lip. OWIE! And don’t ask me how but at the dentist, she was smiling for them.

Baby Girl asleep after coming home from Dentist
Baby Girl asleep after coming home from Dentist

Do you see why I do not want a coffee table in my home? Please please please, if a baby gets an injury to their mouth, take them to be seen. We are still not out of the clear yet and now have to watch to make sure no infection pops up or any tooth discoloration occurs.

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  1. OH no! It is so scary, Olivia has bitten the dust twice now with injury to her top lip once and to her gums another time. It just breaks my heart!

  2. HG did the same thing. It was SO traumatic for all involved. She also tore the muscle between. I will tell you what though…she is as beautiful and stunning as she was back then. (she’s almost 12 now)
    She has no memory of it. I still cringe at the thought.

  3. Awww, poor baby. We never had a coffee table. We had a glass top table before kids, but as soon as our oldest started crawling it got put away. Then when we moved we just got rid of it all together. It’s just now that the boys are 2 and 8 that we have a table again.

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