Make Christmas Cards stand out with Zazzle.Com Personalized Stamps!

Make Christmas Cards stand out with Zazzle.Com Personalized Stamps! 1

As a mom and having my own family now, I enjoy being able to send out Christmas cards to our family and friends and share that much needed smile I know that comes with opening the mailbox to “old-fashioned” mail. We have several elderly family members across the United States that do not have computers or the latest trends to check an e-mail so by sending out personalized Christmas cards, it keeps them up to date on our family and of course, seeing photos of kids is always sure to give a smile.

The past two years, I’ve enjoyed being able to send out photo cards as Christmas cards. Whenever I send out Christmas cards, I always try and make sure that we get some fun postage stamps that match the season. This season, I was excited for the chance to use Zazzle to create my very own custom stamp for an extra special touch to our cards this year. When it came to picking out a picture to add to our own postage stamp, I had a perfect picture of Kelsie and Aubrey that I instantly knew would be the one.

Make Christmas Cards stand out with Zazzle.Com Personalized Stamps! 2

Once I uploaded the picture, it was placed in a “sample” stamp for me to see. From there, I could easily edit the image to fit right or even add text. Since this was an outdoor picture and already full of color for itself, I really didn’t feel the need to add to it. Now, when our twins are born, I could easily see adding some fun “Announcing….” text to the stamps used for birth announcements.

Stamps are available in several sizes to best match the envelopes or your intentions for sending and also come in a variety of denominations, including:

  • $0.29: postcards
  • $0.44: First-class, 1 oz
  • $0.64: 1 oz mailings, unusual shapes
  • $0.64: 2 oz mailings
  • $0.84: 2 oz mailings, unusual shapes
  • $0.84: 3 oz mailings
  • $1.04: 3.5 oz mailings
  • $1.48: 4 oz mailings
  • $4.95: Priority Mail (up to 16 oz)
When our stamps arrived in the mail, it was more than amazing to see. I shared with both my Grandma and Mom and neither of them knew that you could make actual custom stamps that could be used for mailing. They originally thought it was just a novelty item until I explained that we’d be using them for mailing out our Christmas cards.
Make Christmas Cards stand out with Zazzle.Com Personalized Stamps! 3Make Christmas Cards stand out with Zazzle.Com Personalized Stamps! 4
The process of creating our stamps only took a matter of minutes and I can’t wait for those receiving cards this year from us to have that extra smile when they open their mailbox.
Custom postage starts at $17.95, along the same prices directly from USPS. Zazzle offers custom postage for a variety of occasions to make it perfect for you.
All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Those are cute! I used to collect stamps! I would have saved those if someone mailed me a personalized stamp. 🙂

  2. We were at the post office a couple weeks ago and my husband seen that you could make your own stamps. I think that is a cute idea for this time of the year.

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