Have a Little Fun with KY Kissable Sensations

Have a Little Fun with KY Kissable Sensations 1

Have a Little Fun with KY Kissable Sensations 2KY is giving couples everywhere reason to celebrate with the launch of their first ever flavored body product, NEW KY Yours+Mine Kissable Sensations for the Body. Have a little fun and get closer to that special person with Summer coming to an end!

According to a recent Clutch Magazine interview with Dr. Wendy Roberts, President of Women’s Dermatologist Society, “Sex increases circulation which can give you that rosy glow.” Even more, Dr. Roberts states “the skin is the window to our bodies,” so when the adrenaline and hormones kick-in, your inner beauty shines out; No blush needed here!

Shown in a clinical study to increase anticipation and desire for intimacy, Kissable Sensations™ is intended to be used all over the body, encouraging couples to explore each other and discover pleasurable foreplay like never before imagined. Better yet, the 3 oz. size makes it perfect to be thrown in a carry-on for your upcoming romantic summer getaway!

Kissable Sensations is a safe and hypoallergenic formula created for those with even the most sensitive skin in mind. With chocolate and strawberry to mix and match, it’s easy to have a little fun, even if just sharing an extra kiss. Studies show that foreplay helps increase intimacy and bring a couple closer together. Sometimes, things get in the way and couples don’t have that much “together time” as they used too (how many have kids? BINGO)

With September coming, it also means our second wedding anniversary. I think too often, couples fall into a routine. Kids need fed, this needs done, that needs done. Couples often forget it’s not a “chore” to be with one another. Kissable Sensations is just that “added little extra” to give couples the chance to have fun and re-connect.

KY Kissable Sensations is available at drug, food, and mass retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $19.99.

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