Lucas Physical Therapy Update

Lucas Physical Therapy Update 1

About two weeks ago, Lucas had a physical therapy consultation with the in-home Early Access Services. Well, it wasn’t what I expected at all. I was under the impression that the physical therapy would be actual physical therapy.

The meeting consisted of me being shown how to do exercises with him. Now, okay, that’s awesome but we’ve waited over a month to get the first appointment. For those that might have missed, at the boys’ two month appointment, we discussed Lucas hiding his head prominently to one side. I anticipated getting set up with physical therapy, we’d take on an aggressive approach. Unfortunately, this has back tracked. 🙁 The physical therapist still intends to come out but after a week of trying to do the exercises, I told her I didn’t feel like I was good enough for what needed done. I was told I just needed to gain more confidence. Okay, confidence or not, Hello, I’m mom. If my child shows any signs of unhappiness, Mommy stops.

Maybe I’m weird but I feel like a physical therapist should be primary in this and of course, I would continue doing things at home but I want a more aggressive approach so we can take care of the possible torticollis. I expected more of the in home services and I wasn’t too happy when I found out what was really being offered. Considering the boys next checkup is only two weeks away and they have only seen us once (supposed to come tomorrow, we’ll see), I want more for my little guy.

After telling the service providers how I felt last week, I immediately called a community-based program for children to find out more about their physical therapy services. Sure enough, I was able to get the papers to start an intake for Lucas to be seen by a physical therapist in a typical therapy setting.

So now, we are waiting for intake for the pediatric physical therapist. I’m praying we can get this taken care of soon. He has been letting me move his head more and he’s actually been looking the other way when held up so hopefully, the chiropractic visits and what I’ve been doing is a good start <3

Lucas Physical Therapy Update 2

I’m still hoping to learn why this happened. I think this probably began in utero (all ultrasounds, they could not get a good picture of his face as he was turned in towards my hip).

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  1. Don’t worry momma, it’s common with twins! They get all scrunched up in there and sometimes it takes a bit to fix it!

  2. Dakota’s wasn’t as bad as his and we were at physical therapy once a week. Hope you get poor guy taken care of with everything you have been doing and the new program you are waiting on.

  3. I have three year old twins, and my daughter had torticollis as well. We went to physical therapy three times per week for months and she also wore a helmet for her head. Luckily we didn’t need surgery. Just make sure you do the exercises they tell you to do at home as well as at the visits and all will be just fine.

  4. My husband is a PT, and has treated several newborns and infants with this condition. All recover very well, hope Lucas did as well!

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