Why we love being a WWE Family

Why we love being a WWE Family 1

“Mom, can I be a wrestler when I’m bigger?”

There’s a magic I can’t explain attending a WWE Live event. People from all walks of life around the world come together when it comes to the WWE Universe.

On Monday, we had the chance to enjoy a family night out at Monday Night Raw. It was the second time Nathan and Lucas attended and I sat back amazed by their reactions. There is an energy when you walk into the arena. Families, friends, kids, you meet new people at every event and if you’ve attended a few, you likely see some familiar faces in the crowd. The WWE blessed us with floor seats that made our experience even more mind-blowing for the twins as they cheered for Roman Reigns and John Cena.

I have loved my chances to support the WWE as a WWEMom and as a parent, I take pride in seeing the excitement in my children’s eyes. Not only do we get to have a fun-filled night of entertainment but my children get to set their dreams. We sat near several groups of guys that despite wearing shirts for my boys’ rivals, made sure they could see and even had conversations with them about who they were cheering for. It made this Mom happy that even though it was a “Guys Night Out” for them, they saw two little boys rip-roaring to go and did their part to make sure it was special for them too.

WWE events are always a blast for our family. This time I got to enjoy it more in realizing how much it means to my kids to see their heroes accomplishing so much. When Lucas nonchalantly asked me if he could be a wrestler, I responded with “Of course you can buddy. You can become anything you want!” So watch out WWE, you have a new set of twins ready to enter the ring. 😉

This is awesome! #wwedesmoines #nevergiveup #wwe #wwemoms

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  1. I think this is great that your family has found something all of you enjoy! In my house it is all about music, so going to performances and concerts has become a favorite thing to do together.

  2. Wow I love wrestling has been forever since I attended a show. In my Mexican culture wrestling is a big traditions. Seems you guys had a great time =)

  3. I really enjoyed reading this! I can relate because as a child I would actually watch WWE – with my mom! We watch it a bit nowadays and it always brings a smile to my face. We have a wonderful time together and they are memories I will carry with me forever.

  4. WWE can be a whole lot of fun to watch. I like how you enjoy it as a family. Many of the WWE are really involved in community. Some are real heros!

  5. I used to be into wrestling a long time ago, but now I’m not into it like that. I do watch WWE once in a while

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