LOC Card Universal Loyalty Card Twitter Party July 2nd #LocCard

LOC Card Universal Loyalty Card Twitter Party July 2nd #LocCard 1

When it comes to having a family and shopping, I try to take advantage of any shopping rewards I can get to save our family money. When it comes down to it, it can take time to sign up or you end up with so many rewards cards, you forget your cards when heading to the store.

Enter LOC Card, the newest reward card, a universal loyalty card.

LOC Card allows you to participate/enroll in as many reward programs from almost any merchant with the use of a single card, the LOC Card. There is no need to complete enrollment forms or fill out any paper work. A onetime account registration on the LOC Card web site does it all. At no time is any personal information transferred (name, address, e-mail, phone #, etc.) to enroll into any merchant’s program using the LOC Card. LOC is the privacy-secure way to participate in an unlimited number of reward programs. It gets even better; all merchant accounts are maintained here at www.LOCcard.com. One place to review all the accounts and accumulated rewards. Never miss out on a reward again, all while maintaining total privacy.

We want you to learn more about LOC Card and join us for the LOC Card Twitter Party!

LOC Card

LOC Card Twitter Party

When:July 2, 2013 7-8pm EST

Follow @MommyJenna, @DomesticDebacle, @MommyBits and @LOCCard as we discuss the exciting features of LOC Card and how you can get your favorite places to shop involved!


  • Two ten dollar gift cards to TJ Maxx
  • One ten dollar Subway gift card
  • One ten dollar gift card to Petsmart
  • One ten dollar gift card to Target
  • One twenty five dollar gift card to Target
  • One twenty five dollar gift card to TJ Maxx

Find us on the hashtag #LocCard to follow along. You must include this hashtag to be eligible to win these awesome prizes!

RSVP to be eligible for prizes!

What retailer would you love to have participating in Loc Card? 


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