Dear Cheaters,

Are you aware we as bloggers are able to see your IP Address? Whenever you post a comment or come to my site, I can see your IP. So when multiple comments come in, I see the IP. I see where you are coming from, in this case Online Sweepstakes. I can tell you, you live in Arizona and your internet service provider is Mediacom. Do you need more info?

So when two different names come in with the same IP, guess what that means? Now what about the fact I can see your 8 e-mails with the same IP and just “slight” differences within names and e-mails, I know you’re the same person. Now it’s even better when a fellow blogger, see’s those same e-mails along with several other e-mails attached.

Another thing, if you are going to have multiple Twitter accounts, you could atleast make sure the picture doesn’t show the SAME PERSON. Seriously folks, I am a former Criminology major, a former security guard-you think I don’t know how to do a little research?

So to the individuals being honest in your entries, Thank you. This INDIVIDUAL along with their e-mails, will be banned from For The Love of Baby!, as well as several other blogs. It’s not fair to honest people trying to win contests that they have to deal with this B.S.

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  1. Amen Sista! 😀
    Sad that we have to investigate entries in depth like this.

  2. I am so glad I read your email – As a newbie blog owner and also a newbie at running giveaways this was a real eye opener for me! I am so naive when it comes to people cheating, the thought never would have crossed my mind to “check” but now that I am aware that this can and does happen I will be going over the entries on my blog very carefully!

    And yes, Amen and a good spanking is in order in this case 🙂

  3. No wonder it is hard to win contests. That is sad and just wrong! Thanks for being on the ball and letting cheaters know that you know and won’t allow it.

  4. Bingo. Actually, I’m not a criminology major, but still…thought it was just common sense. Hello!!

  5. sorry. i just really wanted those toilet tats.

    =) no really I am glad you posted this, I need to start paying better attention. and seriously the fact of that, is just dumb.

  6. I sure hope that after this most or all blog owners will check entrants ip’s. Carol was right when she said no wonder its hard to win. I have noticed a certain name over and over with some variations and wondered to myself if this person was using multiple indentities in order to gain more entries. I wonder if my suspicions are correct. At the very least this person should be banned and fellow blog owners notified incase they aren’t aware. Posting their first name might be a determent to others who may be doing the same or are considering it. We all would like to win and thats why we enter these giveaways but the odds are against us when we are going against those who have more than one entry. What goes around, comes around. Shame on all cheaters out there.

    1. I have told several other blog owners of this to check their own records and this individual has been banned from For The Love of Baby! They are unable to see the site at all and if I do see the e-mail addresses sneak over here, they will not be entered in any giveaways.

  7. I would have never thought of that, but I don’t have a blog.
    Sure if I did my hubby would have informed me to watch out,
    he’s in law enforcement too.
    Glad you have this background to help you out.
    Thank you for looking out for the honest viewers and participants of your site.

  8. I was just thinking about this the other day… people who enter the big contests enter for themselves, their family, their friends, and with multiple email addresses. It’s always disgusted me – they talk about it openly and freely. But to do it on a blog contest is just despicable! The odds are already so good, it’s beyond unfair.

    Props to you for calling them out 🙂

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