Keeping Your Household Appliances Safe

Keeping Your Household Appliances Safe 1

Appliances are essential in the day-to-day events and lives of every individual living in a home. However, 60% of the disasters like fire are due to unsafe use and keeping of home appliances. It took hundreds and thousands of lives every day. One of the critical safety considerations is the current shunt resistor in the home electrical system.

Keeping Your Household Appliances Safe 2

As a homeowner, you can start looking at the safety of your family, especially your kids. You can buy any appliances but make safety measures on top priority.

Advice on keeping your family safe from your appliances

1.Make an effort to increase your awareness

The victims of unexpected and unfortunate incidents due to unsafe appliances should have avoided the impact if they are more aware. The injuries and death could have been avoided if the users follow the instructions correctly in the user manual. 

For example, leaving your phone charger plugged in outlets are common causes of fire incidents. If you are aware and conscious of this, you will make a habit to check if there are appliances stuck on the outlets consistently.

Moreover, overloading a wall socket by plugging many appliances will also cause a fire. 

2.Never leave your appliances running

Commonly, most households, when washing clothes, they tend to leave the washing machine and dryer running all alone. With nobody around, it can get caught to a possible electrical shock and can either damage the equipment or result to fire incident.

Furthermore, most houses leave their pets inside their home. Pets can be playful and may hit or get caught to any appliance cause their death.  

So, no matter how small you can perceive, never take the risk of getting convenience by leaving any appliances running when you go out or go to bed. 

Keeping Your Household Appliances Safe 3

3.Read user manuals

Read and understand the instructions in the user manual. It may take time but be patient because it will be for your good. If you use your appliances without following directions, it can give harm to you or the worst burn down your hard-earned house. Most accidents happen because the user ignores to read and understand the instructions and warning of the manufacturer. 

Appliances today are more complex than in the past. Know the do’s and don’t. Use the equipment as intended for its purpose only. Avoid innovating on your self. 

4.Smoke alarms are useful as a warning device for the right response

Putting smoke alarms will help save lives if unfortunately, you forgot to unplug any of the appliances, and it sparks to cause a fire. If possible, place the fire alarms near the good white appliances. For kitchens, you can use heat alarms. 

5. Check available safety notices

The government authorities and manufacturers and safety advocates are diligent in releasing safety notices to the public. Be vigilant on those warnings and notifications. 

  • Official Safety notices – all appliances
  • Stove & Oven safety notices
  • Dishwasher safety notices
  • Fridge and Freezer safety notices
  • Tumble dryer safety notices
  • Washing machine safety notices

6. Put fire extinguishers near to appliances

Fire is the number one risk among devices. You can put out burning equipment if you are aware of how to use the fire extinguisher. Put fire extinguisher near these appliances for easy aim when you need to respond.

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