It’s The Small Things…

It's The Small Things... 1

This morning as I was clicking through Facebook, I stopped what I was doing when a picture popped up that was hard to believe it was over a year old already. When you become a parent, it’s kind of crazy to think about how “routine” things become. You go throughout your day with bathtimes, naptimes, meals, snacks, cuddles. It is part of your life. But have you ever just stopped to actually watch your surroundings? Last night as I cuddled Aubrey falling asleep, I looked at thought about how much things had changed. She no longer would fit in the fold of just one arm, the crazy curls all over her head. Kelsie in the same way-this little girl jumping around and telling me she “did this in gymnastics class” isn’t the little baby I once held on my chest. It's The Small Things... 2

When they tell you your kids grow up fast, they aren’t lying. I don’t wont to miss a moment of anything my little girls do. To sneak around a corner to watch them playing in a room or even just the simple watching them sleep-that sneak in while they’re asleep “just to check” that we all did when they were little.

I can still tell you the stories about going to hospital when it was time to meet both my little girls. While it feels like that was just yesterday, it’s not. Soon both girls will be on their way to school.

I challenge you to take the time out, even just five minutes of your run around routine to just stop and watch. Look at those dimples, that glimmer in their eyes when they “get it”, those simple breaths as they fall asleep in your arms. You’ll feel those heart strings pull quicker than they’ve ever before when you just look.

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  1. I was tickling Abby the other night. She turns 3 at the end of the month..and I was just marveling at every little expression, gesture and mispronounced word. I wanted to take it all in so I didn’t forget it….

  2. I agree really time flies my youngest son will
    turn 7 yo this december.He is so energetic and
    hyper i really missed times that i cuddle him.

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