Interior Painting Tips for Large Spaces

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Smart designers know that new paint is one of the most powerful tools in the designing arsenal. It might be low technology and centuries old, but it is not always done to the best effect; there are certainly ways to miss a wonderful opportunity. It is no exaggeration to say that when done artfully paint can truly transform a room. It can alter the mood of a bedroom or living room, and change a claustrophobic chamber into a light and airy space. When you work with interior designers Santa Barbara, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge about how paint and color work in design. Not only will the designers know all about the newest paint colors by a variety of manufacturers, they will also understand the subtle and not-so-subtle effects of these hues. Also, while it is one thing to pick out a lovely paint color, it is another to incorporate this color into an overall design plan for a room and the entire home.

The Nuances of Choosing a Paint Color

While it is true that paint color is temporary and it can be changed fairly easily, it is still a tricky proposition. You want to get it right, especially when there are so many gorgeous colors to choose from in all sorts of shades and variations. While bright colors demand a lot of attention, a more nuanced palette also has its place in many rooms. When considering neutral paint colors to brighten a room, it is important to imagine the overall impact of each color.

  • Opal on a ceiling creates an ethereal mood
  • White Dove adds warmth without limiting other design choices
  • Silver Birch pairs well with greens and blues
  • Whitecap Grays come in blue, violet or silver undertones
  • Tunsgate Green is a soothing color perfect for bathrooms
  • Lemon Chiffon adds a cheery feel to a kid’s room

It takes time and experience to envision how new paint (especially a mellow color) will transform a room. The size of the room, the type of lighting and the accoutrements all go into the impact of a paint color.

The Subtleties of Design

Whenever you embark on a new project, you will be faced with hundreds of decisions. The process is fun and affirming and perhaps a little stressful, especially if you are not pleased with the results. In many ways, the largest choices are sometimes the easiest. Smaller choices such as fixtures, finishes, paint colors and more also have a significant impact on the final project. These elements are critical to the overall success of an endeavor and they will certainly add or subtract to your enjoyment of a room. The almost-right paint color is a far cry from the perfect paint color. When you partner with Santa Monica interior designers, you have the opportunity to discuss these important subtleties of design. It is a good way to get all the details done in an artful and pleasing symphony of design.

Choose the perfect paint color for your next remodeling project. It can result in a timeless space that calms your nerves and brings happiness to your day.

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