How to Throw a Virtual Party: Fun Birthday Ideas for Long-Distance Family

How to Throw a Virtual Party: Fun Birthday Ideas for Long-Distance Family 1

Did you know that 20 percent of Americans live further than a few hours away from their parents?

Living away from your family members is hard enough on a normal day, but that distance seems to multiply when it comes to birthdays. If your family lives far away, it can be a struggle to stay connected.

Thankfully, today’s technology has a few solutions if you can’t make a trip to celebrate with them. Bring everyone together for a virtual birthday party with these fun birthday ideas.

Send a Party in a Box

A great way to create a long-distance birthday surprise is with a party in a box. 

Find a box and fill it with a bunch of tiny little presents. These can even be small knickknacks that remind you of your loved one or gift cards to their favorite places. Make sure to wrap each item individually so they can have the fun of opening up each birthday gift. 

Inside the box, you can also include a mini birthday cake, a birthday sash, and even balloons or confetti. Don’t forget a personalized note to tell them how much they mean to you. 

Make sure to spend extra on shipping to guarantee the party in a box arrives on their big day! 

Hang Out Virtually

Just because you and your family member aren’t together, doesn’t mean you can’t hold a virtual birthday party. 

Invite your family member and a few other friends to get on a video call together. But, instead of a normal video call, you’ll want to spend quality time with the birthday person. 

Plan it so everyone can watch the birthday person’s favorite movie together at the same time. Or, play a game like Pictionary or charades over video. No matter what you do, your family member will enjoy seeing everyone’s smiling faces. 

Plan a Digital Happy Birthday Round-Up

If time zones make it hard for everyone to virtually meet up at the same time, you can create a birthday round-up instead. 

Send out a mass email to all of the person’s friends, family, and coworkers. Ask them if they would each create a special birthday message. Include details on how to create the message

A few great ideas include each person:

  • Filming a video of them singing happy birthday
  • Creating a unique ecard for free
  • Making a birthday sign and taking a selfie with it

Then, you can combine the messages into one giant message or have everyone send theirs throughout the day.

The key is to organize it so that everyone does the same thing to make a huge impact. The more people you can convince to participate, the bigger the impact it will have.

Celebrate with These Fun Birthday Ideas

Using these fun birthday ideas, you and your long-distance family and friends can still have a great party. 

Plan a special birthday bash between the two of you by sending them a party in a box. Or, gather up a few other long-distant friends and family members for a virtual hang out or to create a birthday round-up. Either way, your family member will feel loved and valued this birthday when they see how much effort you’ve put into their virtual birthday. 

Looking for more tips on how to handle family relationships? Head over to the Family section of this blog. 

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