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jeannieHello there!

My name is Jeannie and I am the mother to Jenna here on MommyJenna.com, but also mom to two teenage boys, Matthew, 15 and Gunnar, 14.

This will be my very first day at my new job here on MommJenna.com, as Jenna has asked me to help her out a bit here by hopefully sharing a few words of wisdom if I can. Maybe I will have a story or two to tell. I have always loved to write and had the privilege of taking a writing class in college many years ago. I learned a lot from that class, but blogging???? I have written my fair  share of stories and poetry in years gone by, and even had a few published, but this whole blogging thing is a new one to me!!!

Thanks Jenna….. so, what have you gotten me into now?? 🙂

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