The Big Bang Theory- Build Amy’s Fizz Activated Balloon Inflator

The Big Bang Theory- Build Amy's Fizz Activated Balloon Inflator 1

As the majority of our families are at home with our children and looking for fun ways to keep them learning right now, this “Fizz Activated Balloon Inflator” is the perfect science experiment fun! I’m planning to take the kids out in the sun and do this on our sidewalk later!

On behalf of The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Series, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment brings you Science With Amy! You probably have most of the supplies lying around your home to conduct this experiment – so grab your kids, or video chat with a friend for this one – as it’s time to get nerdy and have fun! We highly advise you to get a whole bag of balloons, as you will want to do this over and over again! And parents – please note that adult supervision is always required with your Jr Scientists.

Instructions for Science with Amy, Fizz Activated Balloon Inflator, courtesy The Big Bang Theory
Click to enlarge and print!

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